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Sprinkles in September



    Sprinkles in September
    Artie Ojeda

    An Open Letter to Mother Nature:

    We love your oh-so unpredictable ways but this flip-flop streak you're on is messing with our minds, not to mention our wardrobes!

    For a city that gets grumpy when it's not 65 to 75 degrees, we've experienced the coolest summer since 1933.

    When we didn't see the sun for most of July, we held out hope for a last blast of summer in August. If not then, most likely September, right?

    The dreary Labor Day weekend should've been a clue that September was going to continue this hot/cool rollercoaster.

    Now you send us rain - albeit not much, just a sprinkle or two? What are we to think?

    Send us a sign that all is not lost for Summer 2010. And if that sign has to come in these final two weeks of the season when most of  the tourists are gone and the ocean water is a lovely 70 degrees (at least), so be it.

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