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Sneakers or Sandals?

The month ahead



    Sneakers or Sandals?
    Frances Deutsch
    Palm trees at sunset

    It is said in the world of verse that "April showers bring May flowers."  That may be true in other parts of the country but not here. 

    In San Diego we rely on the rainfall in February and March to bring color to the landscape and green to the hillsides.  February saw above average rain so let's just hope Mother Nature is as generous in the days ahead.

    March is normally our second wettest month with an average of 2.26" of rain measured at Lindbergh Field, the county's official reporting station.  If we get just that much rainfall by the end of the month we will be very close to reaching our total for the entire season which runs from the 1st of July through the last day of June.  That would mean any rain we get in the subsequent 3 months would be a bonus and put us over our average, something that has happened only once in the last decade.

    March is also a degree warmer than February with an average high of 66.3 degrees and an average low of 53.6 degrees.  Again, this is measured at Lindbergh Field; it's a few degrees warmer in the valleys and a couple of degrees cooler at the beach.  It has been knows to get much warmer and much colder at times.  Four years ago, during a Santa Ana event, we hit 91 at the airport and back in 1879, the downtown temperature fell to 36.

    There are normally 11 clear days and 11 cloudy days with the remainder falling somewhere in between as partly cloudy.  Fog is a regular visitor, especially near the coast during the night and morning hours.