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Is El Nino All Dried Out?

No! Experts say more rain is on the way



    Is El Nino All Dried Out?
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    This week's weather in San Diego makes you believe history is repeating itself, that the rainy season is coming to an early end.  A year ago we had received even more rain than this year at Lindbergh Field, the county's official reporting station: 8.80" compared to 8.59" and by all indications it looked like we would end last season (July 1-June 30) well above normal - we didn't.

    What we did get was a very dry March and April which are normally two of our wettest months: 2.26" and .77" respectively.   Somebody, however, turned off the spigot and we ended the 2008-2009 season with a total of 9.12" of rain at Lindbergh Field, more than 1 1/2" below the normal amount of 10.77".

    This season, once again we ended February well above average and, as we approach the first day of Spring (March 20) we're right on cue to finish the season right where we should be, that is until you take a look at the forecast, not just for this week but next week too.  Sunshine, above average temperatures and dry, dry, dry - that's what the computers say we'll get over the next two weeks.

    Still, climate experts are optimistic, saying they're latest long-range forecast models are still calling for a moderate or strong El Nino to continue through April.  They're calling for above average rainfall for the next 6-8 weeks and while this sunshine feels great and we're finally out of our drought conditions, a surplus of water is always welcome in Southern California and you better believe those who manage the water supplies are hoping the current heat wave and dry-spell ends quickly.