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It Really Bugs Me When…

We asked people what annoys them most about how people drive in the rain.



    It Really Bugs Me When…

    It has probably happened to you. You're trying to drive safely in the rain, when another driver does something annoying or dangerous.

    Drivers should know to drive more slowly in the rain, but when we talked with the California Highway Patrol Wednesday they said people are still not driving slowly enough.

    Officers say people should back off from the car in front of them and make sure they can see clearly further ahead so they have more time to react to possible accidents.

    We asked our Twitter followers and Facebook friends what bugs them most about people driving in the rain.  Here are their responses:

    • @gomezmig: Seeing them on the phone or texting, or tweeting for that matter. Don't worry guys, I tweet and text outside the car.
    • @Alexpod: We just don't know how to drive in the rain, period.
    • @leeah: Slow DOWN!!!!!!!!!
    • Lloyd Austin: I hate when San Diego drivers play bumper cars in the rain. It really ruins the flow of traffic.
    • @readysteadystop: People need to remember to slow down and leave more space in front of them than usual, especially when traveling downhill.

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