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Barely There Air Fare: $9



    Barely There Air Fare: $9
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    What goes down must go up: Flight will cost $58 round-trip starting June 5.

    An airline is enticing travelers with a promotional offer that costs less than a sawbuck.

    The discounted flights on Allegiant Air are from Lindbergh Field to the Monterey Peninsula and are available only through June 4. Lucky travelers who book the flight may be disappointed to hear the $9 deal is one-way, but, according to the airline's Web site, it appears they can come back for the same price. Allegiant flies from San Diego to Monterey only on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

    On June 5, the cost of a flight shoots all the way up to $29 until Oct. 1, when passsengers will have to fork over $59.