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It's All In Your Head

A game that takes some serious mind power. Literally.



    It's All In Your Head
    Entertainment Earth
    Mattel MindFlex

    Today's technology takes us places that few could have imagined a mere decade ago, but nothing surpasses the human mind in its brilliance and wonder.

    Show off your mental dexterity with a simple looking game that does some seriously amazing stuff. The Mattel MindFlex gives you the ability to harness the power of telekinesis by moving a small foam ball through a serious of obstacles using only the power of your mind.

    Donning a mad-scientist sort of headset with matching ear clips, you'll move the ball through hoops, tubes and arches, which can be rearranged to form more challenging obstacle courses as you go. Made for ages 8 years to adult, everyone will get a kick out of this toy, not to mention their newfound talent.

    Read more about how it works and pick one up on for $159.95.

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