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How to Wear Sequins

Avoid disco flashbacks with a few simple tips.



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    With sequins, more is more.

    BALANCE: Sequins are bold, bright, flashy and typically reserved for such occasions. The trick to wearing them in the day without blowing away onlookers is to balance them out with the rest of your clothing.

    Neutral basics are an easy way for anyone to start experimenting with this trend. Sequined tunics look great paired with matte tights or jeans, and sequined dresses stay sane with neutral flats or solid booties.

    Mixing style cues is another way to soften up the shine of sequins. Try pairing a sequined skirt with a leather motorcycle-inspired vest, or layer a shiny tank under a meanswear-inspired blazer.

    Finally, don't forget to choose sequin colors that compliment your skin tone. Almost everyone can handle black, but bright metallics or poppy colors should be handled with care.

    BLING: Solidly-sequined pieces won't play well with bright, flashy jewelry or busy accessories. Avoid conflicting bling and keep jewelry limited to a few muted chains, understated bangles or simple stud or hoop earrings.

    Avoid mixing sequins with other shiny textures like satin, patent leather, liquid tights or other sequined items. Otherwise, you'll risk looking like you just finished performing in Las Vegas.

    BOXY: Sequined clothing should be boxy and loose to allow for maximum liquidity and to minimize the full-body-armor effect. Just make sure that the rest of your outfit allows your shape to show through.

    When paired with boxy tunics, skinny jeans are best. Sequined skirts or leggings look better with loose, semi-structured tops. To keep the look fresh, though, go with bare skin or opaque tights when weather allows.

    BEGINNERS: If sparkly clothing is intimidating, start small with sequined shoes or clutches. Look for items that include sequins for a reason -- using sequins as accents or for added structure make them look smart rather than gratuitous.