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Hot Holiday Gift Ideas You Can Afford

Unique ideas that cover all the bases



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    Are you still wondering what to put under the Christmas tree? There are tons of hot ideas that are completely affordable.

    If you are still among the 40% of the shoppers out there who still haven't filled out their gift list, here are some ideas to help you out.

    Gift expert Aileen Avery who wrote the book  "Gift Rap: The History and Art of Gift Giving" says there are affordable and unique items that will definitely please the person on the receiving end.

    For example, there's the hottest new thing in candles. It's "wickless."  That's right, these flameless wax candles can create the right scent in any home or dorm room without the danger of an open flame. They're by Scentsy. They're about $15 to $40.

    The top gadget for wine lovers is the Vinturi Wine Aerator for $39.99. The shooshing sound it makes while the wine is being poured through this gadget is a conversation starter.

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    And then there are these cool t-shirts by Tide, says Avery. The Loads of Hope vintage shirts give back to U.S. victims of disasters by donating 100% of the profits. The vibrant colored tops are $20.

    And such a deal! "The Best Practical Holiday Bargain," says Avery is from Omaha Steaks and  includes 4 steaks, 8 burgers, 6 stuffed potatoes, 2 stuffed sole, chocolate lover's cake for only $59.99.