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Getting Fair Deals at the Fair



    Getting Fair Deals at the Fair
    Bob Hansen
    Take a tour of the things you can buy at the San Diego County Fair.

    Would you shop at a mall that was only open 22 days out of the year? Yet, that's what people are asked to do when they wander through the displays at the San Diego County Fair. 

    For less than a month, vendors are selling everything from blenders to hammock to cheese graters to car wax.  The fact that these salesmen will be gone in a few weeks doesn't bother shopper Lisa Quick, who said that she buys something every year.

    "A very large percentage of our vendors have been here year after year after year," said San Diego County Fair spokeswoman Linda Zweig. 

    Zweig said that the fair has a thorough screening process and a waiting list of vendors who want to get into the fair.

    Ben Miller sells the Amazing Grater on the fair circuit.  A Colorado native, Miller said he makes sure that people know the return policy when they buy his products. 

    "People are a little apprehensive, but we give you a receipt," Miller said. "Our name and number --  so there's customer service after the transaction."

    Before you buy at the fair, you should follow these simple steps:

    1) Get product information on the item you are buying

    2) Ask about the return policy before you pay

    3) Ask for contact information (name and address) in case of a problem

    4) Buy with a credit card so you can challenge the bill if something goes wrong

    Zweig said that if you can't get help, contact the fair offices. Officials will help you to contact the vendor or keep them from returning to the San Diego and other California fairs.