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Cold Weather Skin Care

Products to keep you smooth, supple and frizz free.



    Cold Weather Skin Care
    Indulge yourself.


    Moisture is the first thing to go in the cooler months. For dry, irritated skin, Fresh makes some amazing botanical products including this Rose Face Mask. It hydrates with the help of rose petals and ultra-smoothing ingredients.

    Harsh cleansers can only compound skin problems, but so can dirty skin. Meet in the middle with a deep cleanser such as Neutrogena's Wave Duo. It has settings for Gentle Daily Cleansing and Deep Pore Cleansing, and deep vibrations in the skin help it to clean 10 times deeper than face wash alone.

    Finally, give your skin it's own drink of water any time of day with the Avene Thermal Spring Water spray. Hypoallergenic and preservative free, stash it in your desk for an afternoon spritz or freshen up before an evening out.


    To prevent chapping and cracking on your hands, it's crucial to keep them soft and supple. The Blood Orange+White Pepper Hand Cream from Bliss is a limited edition version of it's best-selling hand cream which is rich, smoothing and grease-free. Smoothes cuticles, too!

    For the rest of your body, Sonya Dakar makes some incredible products that are getting a lot of attention this season. The Nourishing Body Oil has a verbena cypress scent and nourishes the skin with anti-oxidant and hydrating properties, while the Omega Hydrator bathes the body in organic Omega-3 complex to promote healthy skin.

    Even though you've put away the sandals, your feet still need attention. The Bath & Body Works Beauty Booties are gel-lined softening socks that treat your feet to olive oil, jojoba oil and vitamin E for soft, smooth soles.


    Your hair needs moisture just as much as your skin. Keep it soft and shiny with Phyto's Phytojoba Intense Hydrating Shampoo, featuring nature's power emollient, jojoba.

    If you must do more than throw your hair into a ponytail, you'll appreciate the de-frizzing properties of Living Proof's Straight Making Styling Cream. It addresses the two causes of frizz -- humidity and friction -- with a lightweight humidity barrier that's won't weigh hair down.

    If styling products make your head spin, simplify your life with a hairbrush that does half of the work for you. Goody's Styling Therapy Add+Shine Styler has jojoba-infused bristles that give hair shine and moisture with every use.