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Who Thinks Denver's Better Than San Diego?



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    A majority of people would prefer to live in the suburbs or even a rural town, according to a Pew Research Center study.

    There's no place like home -- but somewhere else sure sounds nice.

    A new study by the Pew Research Center shows that 8 of 10 people are extremely happy with where the live now but half of them would rather live elsewhere. The survey asked 2,260 adults about their domestic preferences and the results are surprising.

    A majority of people who live in cities, would prefer to live in the suburbs, or even rural areas. 

    Denver, San Diego and Seattle are the most desirable big cities to live in, while Detroit, Cleveland and Cincinnati (did we say surprising?) are the least desirable.

    New York is in the middle of the desirability pack, and it's most attractive to twentysomethings. Women particularly like the Big Apple, too. NYC is a Top 10 destination for xx chromosome.

    Boston is good for affluent people -- they're twice as likely to move to Beantown as their less-well-to-do cohorts. Hard-luck families who make less than $30,000 a year prefer Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Orlando.

    “A lot of us aren’t living in our ideal place, yet we rate the places we do live in highly," Rich Morin, the senior editor of the Pew study, told The New York Times.

    Morin said he was happily ensconced in suburban Washington, but “ideally I’d be living by a babbling brook in rural Colorado.”

    Percentage of Americans who say they want to live in this city or metropolitan area:

    Most popular Least popular
    Denver: 43%Detroit: 8%
    San Diego: 40%Cleveland: 10%
    Seattle: 38%Cincinnati: 13%
    Orlando: 34%Kansas City: 15%
    Tampa: 34%Minneapolis: 16%
    San Francisco: 34%Pittsburgh: 17%
    Source: Pew Research Center