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Give Guests the Five-Star Treatment

Simple, affordable tips to spruce up the guest room



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    Give your out-of-town guests the five-star treatment. Designer Brandon Neff says it's as easy as tumbling lavender-scented laundry sheets to the linens in the dryer.

    Guests are coming for the holidays and they're staying for a few days. But don't panic. There are some easy ways to "give your out-of-town guests and holidays overnighters the celebrity treatment when preparing their stay," says designer Brandon Neff.

    "There's no need to break the bank," says Neff. Freshly laundered linens can be given the spa treatment by throwing in some scented Mrs. Meyer's scented lavender laundry sheets. "They promote relaxation and a nice scent."

    "Have amenities like fragrant soaps, an extra razor, hair dryer and even a fresh toothbrush handy in case your guest forgot to pack them, " advises Neff. "Change out the unsightly shower curtains and freshen up the bath mat--both are inexpensive fixes. "

    "You can even set a theme: Parisian, for example, to give your guests the feeling of escaping to a great destination."

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    Neff says you can also provide a few great books or magazines to read, a candle, mints, a bottled water and drinking glasses.

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