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What You Could Be Eating

A revolutionary prix-fixe fete; dinner aimed at fixing the food system; and a chef that tweets while he cooks



    What You Could Be Eating
    We all know there are no Morals in Vegas.

    Here’s the latest installment of Menu Matters:

    Bleu Boheme. The French celebrate Bastille Day on July 14. On that date in 1789, the citizenry overtook The Bastille prison. It was a signal to King Louis the 16th and Marie Antoinette that the royal party was over. To celebrate the birth of a revolution—oh, and to mark a Kensington restaurant’s two-year anniversary—Bleu Boheme will have a party with a special prix fixe menu, starting at 5 p.m on Bastille Day. The five-course meal is $48 per person, and includes, naturellement, Cuban sandwiches and Peruvian ceviche. Let them eat cake for dessert? Close: assorted pastry puffs and petite tartes.

    Confidential & La Puerta. Don’t overindulge too much on Bastille Day—save some energy for the double-headed downtown mixer on July 15 at Confidential (6-9 p.m.) and La Puerta (9-11 p.m.). At Confidential, look for croquettes of saffron risotto and gruyere, ahi-mango-green-papaya-stuffed shrimp chips and other small bites. La Puerta will serve up TJ dawg bites, potato flautitas and cochinita quesadillas. Attend both parties and be eligible for a $500 bar tab at Confidential.

    Balboa Park Food & Wine School. We’re still waiting to hear which Hillcrest eatery will hand over ownership to a group that includes former BRAVO Network “Top Chef” Rich Sweeney. In the meantime, look for Sweeney as a guest teacher at the Balboa Park Food & Wine School. He’ll reportedly be tweeting and blogging live during class. (If you follow Sweeney and “uh-oh, severed artery with paring knife…” pops up on your screen, please text a paramedic for help.)

    Sea Rocket Bistro. Jill Richardson has a book out called “Recipe for America: Why Our Food System is Broken, and How We Can Fix It” (a title that just barely fits on a tweet). On August 2, the La Vida Locavore blogger will hold a book-launch dinner at North Park’s Sea Rocket Bistro. The exemplar $15 meal is a cup of vegetable soup, a sandwich (grass-fed lamb-burger, line-caught tuna melt or open-faced mushroom sandwich) and a local craft beer.

    Menu Miscellaneous. Giuseppe Ciuffa, owner/chef at Museum Café in La Jolla, has taken over The Sculpture Court Café in Balboa Park, and will call it Sculpture Court Café by Giuseppe…Will Costello, headwaiter at Addison at The Grand Del Mar, has earned the advanced sommelier certification from the American Chapter of the Court of Master Sommeliers…The re-opened downtown Lucky D’s offers drinks designed by Contemporary Cocktails—made with natural juices and top-shelf booze… Little Italy’s Anthology Supper Club has hired chef Eric Bauer, who formerly cooked things up in Morels in Las Vegas. Quips PR ingénue David Moye: “Yes, it’s spelled M-o-r-e-l-s. We all know there are no Morals in Las Vegas.”


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