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Tasteful Event for Guacamole Lovers

Guacamole Bowl benefits local charity, dip enthusiasts



    Tasteful Event for Guacamole Lovers
    The only pepper San Diego police spray at the Guacamole Bowl is seasoning.

    Chips and dip will become a main dish in Balboa Park.

    San Diego law enforcement agencies, the Kiwanis Club and open public meet Saturday for their ninth-annual taste-off, the Guacamole Bowl, coined "San Diego’s largest guacamole-making contest."

    The event features about 200 people on 35 teams preparing guacamole with approximately 2,000 pounds of fresh ingredients.

    For $5 general public admission, attendees are given a bag of chips, voting tabs and access to all-you-can eat guacamole. Tabs decide the finalists, and a blindfolded panel of "celebrity judges" selects division champions.

    The Guacamole Bowl, co-sponsored by San Diego Park & Recreational Therapeutic Recreation Services, runs from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Balboa Park Club, located at 2150 Pan American Road West.

    Proceeds benefit SPORTS for Exceptional Athletes, a San Diego-based nonprofit that offers opportunities for athletes ages 5 and up with developmental disabilities.

    Extra tabs can also be purchased on-site.

    "We encourage people to buy votes and vote often," said Clara Downes, associate director of S4EA. "It’s our second largest fundraiser of the year. It helps support our equipment, facilities, awards and insurance."

    In the past eight years, the Guacamole Bowl has raised more than $55,000 toward S4EA programs.

    The judge panel includes local police chiefs, business leaders and radio and television personalities.