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Redefining What's Under There




    Redefining What's Under There
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    This new style of undershirt could do for the wife beater what the boxer brief did for briefs.

    Generally, men’s undershirts do not fit well. They are typically baggy, boxy and have the tendency to shrink and yellow after a single wear and wash.

    For all the fashion-conscious men out there who are unsatisfied with the way their undergarments fit, a solution has arrived in the form of Tommy John.

    The idea was developed by Tom Patterson, an entrepreneur who was frustrated with the fit of his undershirts and decided to do something about it. He researched and discovered he was not the only one with this frustration and began studying brands, measuring proportions and testing fabric blends to develop the perfect combination of fit, function, comfort, breathability, and style.

    In 2009, Patterson launched his “Second Skin” collection of underwear and outerwear, made using Tailor Stretch Technology. This technology, exclusive to Tommy John, was developed in conjunction with athletic garment engineers and is currently pending a U.S. patent. It is a unique blend of Lycra and Micro Modal, a fiber derived from the beech tree. The undergarments are described as a “Second Skin” and apart from feeling great they will also stay tucked in, won’t shrink, control body temperature and are form-fitting to allow for a flattering and invisible appearance underneath your shirts.

    Say Goodbye to Sloppy Undershirts

    [DGO] Say Goodbye to Sloppy Undershirts
    A local company is taking a fit and tailored approach to reinventing the classic undershirt.
    (Published Thursday, July 30, 2009)

    “Second Skin” by Tommy John will be launched at Neiman Marcus in August 2009 and are currently available for order online or at select retailers around town in San Diego.