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Cultural Diversity

Add some color and surprise to your style with South American-inspired jewelry, woven bags and tops iced with turquoise.



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    Beautiful, colorful necklaces found right in the heart of North Park.

    LOVELY LADY: Plunging necklines and simple tanks are made for bold, colorful jewelry, and North Park's WinkArtisans have just the thing for you. They create pieces with rich, south-of-the-border overtones such as the color-drenched Lady Guadalupe Butterfly Necklace ($400). If you're not in a place to splurge, there are plenty of other necklaces and earrings to peruse for less than $50 in their Etsy shop.

    TRIBAL TOTE: The San Diego Hat Company has been here for less than a decade, but that hasn't stopped their hats and bags from showing up in magazines such as "People," "Lucky" and "Every Day With Rachel Ray." For a touch of tribal flair, check out their rattan woven backpack for $30 online. The subtle pattern adds some earthy ethnicity to your look without overdoing it, and the bag itself is roomy and comfortable.

    BEBE BLUE: When your top is covered in stones and jewels, you don't need to accessorize. This turquoise-studded silk top from Bebe in Horton Plaza is an easy way to pull in some cultural elements while maintaining a contemporary look.