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Wine Weekend With Fancy Fodder



    Wine Weekend With Fancy Fodder
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    The 2009 San Diego Bay Wine and Food Festival featured 170 world-class wineries and spirit producers, 70 of San Diego’s award-winning fine dining restaurants and plenty of satisfied San Diegans. Attendees paid their ticket fee to taste wonderful wines, eat amazing food and even pick up a bit of wine lingo.

    One festival-goer described her wine as fruit forward, meaning when you drink it, the fruitiness jumps out at you.

    “But mostly,” she said, “It’s just downright delicious.”

    Featured wines came from all over California, as far north as Napa Valley and all the way to San Diego’s own, Temecula. From Riesling to Chardonnay to Cabernet Sauvignon, the Springboard Wine Company had a diverse line-up of wines ranging from $25 to $70.

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    Feel like a new twist on your usual red wine? Try pomegranates. Twin Poms, a wine produced by two twin brothers in the San Joaquin Valley, is made from 100% California grown pomegranates. The brothers say the wine is a bit tart, like the fruit, so it makes for a great mixer. Like the pomegranate martini, which includes one part vodka, three parts pomegranate wine and a little bit of grenadine, which also happens to be made from pomegranate.

    “Everyone seems to be a fan of the Martini, so we’re looking at pushing that into being a drink that we’re going to come out with in about three to four months,” said half of the dynamic duo, Brian Davis.

    The brothers also agree that the pomegranate wine will go perfectly with turkey and other fattier meats for the holidays.
    Some attendees shared the the key to staying composed after a few hours of sipping wine -- food!

    Twin Poms

    [DGO] Twin Poms
    If you like pomegranates, you will like this wine.
    (Published Sunday, Nov. 22, 2009)

    Luckily, guests had plenty of it to choose from. A few of the favorite-featured restaurants were Morton’s Steakhouse, Lou & Mickey’s, and Acqua al Due Italian cuisine.

    “The most fun about today is the fact that we can just walk around, enjoy the sunshine, we’ve got the water right here, we have the most amazing appetizers and foods from around the world, great wineries -- you can’t go wrong,” said guest Ryan Huffman.