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Warning: Extreme Art Ahead

Fallbrook Art Center’s “Extreme Art” not for everyone



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    Nick Morris/North County Times
    "Pygothia" is a ceramic piece designed by Carlsbad artist Cheryl Tall.

    For those of you who are tired of the same old art exhibits that showcase pleasant pictures of people or abstract shapes you can’t quite figure out, you may want to check out the Fallbrook Art Center’s “Extreme Art” display for some edgier pieces.

    The work on display, however, is not for those with weak stomachs, and to make sure visitors know it, there's a message on the center’s door that resembles a warning to a rated-R movie: “Viewer discretion is advised," reports the North County Times.

    This unconventional art on display contains avant-garde sculptures and watercolors that push boundaries to the “extreme.”

    Take Larry Miller’s “Asteroid,” for example: It’s a beach ball covered in resin and 52 pieces of electronic or mechanical junk, including a motion-activated surveillance camera. Attached is a descriptive plaque that reads: “It has no meaning, it is not beautiful, it is built from junk, and required no artistic training to construct.”

    At least he’s honest!

    Some extreme artists have decided to make a statement with their unusual art.

    Fallbrook artist Jim Helms decided to build a piece of trash. Literally. He gathered trash from roadsides and hung them together like a wind chime so viewers could imagine how the trash “got away” and ended up in California’s landscape.

    If you begin to feel uneasy after viewing Jim Leahy’s “Come Play with Us," a painting of three deranged and evil-looking babies, one of whom has a bloody mouth, then move along to the “breathing station.”  It's here that those visitors who need to breathe deeply into a paper bag can find relief and even contribute to some art.

    When done blowing into your paper bag, you're prompted to tie the air in with the twine provided, label the bag and then add it to the display. The bags are, as you might have guessed, filled with controversial labels such as, “Exhaled sin” and “I HATE ART.”

    The Fallbrook Art Center is open daily, and the show runs through Oct. 25. But remember, you've been warned.