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Worth the Drive: RollerCon

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    James May
    Team Awesome at the 2009 RollerCon; the 2010 outing rolls July 28-Aug. 1.

    Your job: Decide to get out of town and fast. Our job: Help you find where you're headed. This week, Worth the Drive takes us to...

    RollerCon: It's the annual gathering of derby enthusiasts and those enthusiastic about derby enthusiasts.

    Place:Las Vegas

    Dates:Now through Sunday, Aug. 1

    Details: There are seminars. There are scrimmages. There is the Black N Blue Ball (the dress code ideas include "bondage clothing" as well as "Victorian" and "creative swimsuits"). There's everything a derby skater needs to hone his or her style and game.

    Yes, "his": RollerCon addresses the guys on the FAQ by saying the convention "is not segregated in any way." 

    Also on the FAQ: Information and do's and don'ts (frankly, they're mostly don'ts) about skating on The Strip and inside the hotels. Though if we saw a band of derbyists coming towards us at 3 a.m. on some neon-lit sidewalk, we'd probably be like, "yep. Vegas."

    Skip skating on the Strip and head for... The Pool Party. Late-Night Karaoke. And classes with names like "Zebra Huddle" and "If Keith Richards Played Roller Derby."

    Packing: Fishnets and fierceness. And that all important derby handle.