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    Hey babe ... is that garlic I smell?

    The internet could be ruining your chances at a quality relationship.

    “Dating in today’s climate eliminates the golden rule in dating, traditional courtship,” Dating expert and Director of It’s Just Lunch Chicago, PJ Osgood said in a news release. “Communication is a vital key to the success of one’s relationship.”
    People are no longer picking up the phone or meeting for coffee, Osgood said.  High-tech substitutes like Facebook or instant messenger are being utilized instead, preventing daters from really getting to know who they're dating.
    To create quality relationships, Osgood recommends daters utilize traditional forms of communication when getting to know others. While people can develop feelings and relationships over the internet, Osgood notes that the people you meet can be someone different than they claim.
     “There are so many different ways that someone can misunderstand or misconstrue text messages. That is why I do not suggest that my clients use any non-traditional forms of communication,” Osgood said. Her best piece of advice? "Bring it back to the basics!"
    For more information or to set up date of your own, visit It’s Just Lunch San Diego.