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Klingons Invade Gaslamp

Klingons looking for a cheap ride home



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    The Metropolitan Transit System had a visit from another galaxy on Tuesday.

    Klingon warriors from the planet Qo'noS took over the Gaslamp Trolley Station at 6 a.m., demanding expanded service during Comic-Con. The Klingons met with MTS Chief Executive Officer Paul Jablonski at the station, where they placed their demands.

    "We are prepared to offer expanded trolley service during the Comic-Con International event," Jablonski said in a release.

    As a peace offering to the Klingons, all species, including Comic-Con attendees, will be able to buy a transit pass for four days for only $15. Travelers can purchase the special passes starting Wednesday at any ticket machine or booths at the following stations: Old Town, Fashion Valley, Hazard Center, Qualcomm Stadium, America Plaza, the Convention Center or Gaslamp Quarter.