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Hillcrest Brightens Up for CityFest 2011



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    Fabulous Hillcrest
    CityFest 2011 will feature a re-lighting of a new sign which replaced on that had been there since 1984.

    It might happen every year, but organizers say CityFest 2011 will be even brighter.

    History, fun and community are taking center stage in Hillcrest on Sunday as residents prepare for the event.

    After 27 years CityFest has become bigger and bigger in an effort to show visitors what one of San Diego’s most unique locations has to offer to locals said Lisa Weir, an organizer for the event.

    “I think Hillcrest is one of the best places because it brings a great sense of community to San Diego,” said Weir, “that’s why the event has done so well over these two decades.”

    Two decades have seen more than just community in Hillcrest, though.

    The older Hillcrest sign, which had been in place since 1984, has been replaced and the new version will debut its eco-friendly look in the evening during the event.

    In August of 1984, the first CityFest held a relighting ceremony of the Hillcrest sign and so having a similar ceremony this year makes it all the more special, said Weir. The earlier sign remained dark for years and in need of repairs before the 1984 event.

    The new sign is getting with the times and will run on energy saving LED lights, said Weir.

    CityFest will span six blocks on Fifth Ave., from Brookes to University Avenues with art, music, over 250 vendors and some returning favorites like the beer garden (held on University Avenue).

    “Name any other time you can relax and have a beer under the Hillcrest sign,” Weir said.

    Visitors under 21 will find plenty fun things at the event as well, with plans including a 30-foot water slide and a life size cannibal wrecking game, Weir said, "It's really an event for everyone, adults, kids and long-time residents."

    A flash mob is also planned, though there’s no word on just what participants will do.

    Organizers are expecting over 150,000 people at the event, which will run from noon until 9 p.m.

    For more information on the event head over to its facebook page.