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Balls of Steel



    Balls of Steel
    Kathy Griffin.

    My Life on the D-List star and redheaded comedian-ess, Kathy Griffin, promised to bring San Diego some non-stop laughs and gasps at the Civic Center on Saturday night. She had a lot to say about her new stand-up, being on the D-List and her expectations of the night’s show.

    “I chose San Diego to do my special because the audiences here are great. They’re smart, they’re going to get, obviously, all the Hollywood references and the Civic Center is a gorgeous venue. So for a comedian, this is a dream venue,” said Griffin, “The clubs with the round tables are little tough. The bachelorette parties with the cardboard tiara-not so great.”

    The full girl’s new stand-up special, Kathy Griffin Balls of Steel, promises fans some controversial laughs, among other things.

    Everybody goes down pretty hard [in my new special]. I’m going to be honest,” said Griffin.

    When asked about the title of her new special, Griffin explained, “I thought that name was appropriate because to talk the amount of smack that I talk about celebrities, you need some balls of steel, if you will.”

    What can you expect from her new special?

    “There will be a lot of foul language and sniping, a lot of opinions...a little fact, but I don’t really get bogged down by facts.”

    You can catch all the laughs on the Bravo network on Tuesdays starting October 27.