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Hunting Ghosts in SD

What better time to go ghost hunting then the weeks leading up to Halloween?



    Hunting Ghosts in SD
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    A local ghost hunter takes people hunting

    Michael Brown would be fun to sit around a campfire with, considering he has an endless supply of ghost stories.

    Brown has been ghost hunting in Old Town for 10 years and decided to start leading tours four years ago to share his passion for the paranormal.
    “I tell stories of different things that have happened to me while ghost hunting and we use one of the meters that they use on the ghost hunting shows on television,” he said.
    At the beginning of the tour, he always gives a disclaimer about some of the things that could happen to the group while they are hunting.
    “People are touched, pushed, feel sick, light headed, see the little girl, hear footsteps, cameras malfunction, batteries drain, at the cemetery in the past four years, three cameras have stopped working and never worked again,” he warned.
    A highlight of the tour is the vortex found on the Whaley family property.

    “A vortex, in theory, is a doorway between this world and the next, some people say it has healing powers.  There are people who are attracted to Sedona, Arizona and Matchu Pitchu, Peru because of the vortex or healing power” he explained.
    Ghost hunting is done with a meter that measures magnetic fields. Brown said that even though it’s not an exact science, it is real.
    “It’s not something that can be explained, it is something that’s paranormal and I tell people try not to think about it too much because your head is going to explode.”

    For tour information visit Brown's Web site.

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