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Bringing the Drama to Stingaree



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    Kevin Dillon at Stingaree.

    Kevin Dillon celebrated his 44th Birthday "Entourage Style" at Stingaree Friday night.

    “I just back from the Kings of Leon concert and we’re going to celebrate here a little bit and have a good time,” Dillon told NBCSanDiego on the red carpet.

    Dillon plays Johnny Drama, Vincent Chase's less successful brother, on the HBO comedy series "Entourage."

    “Johnny Drama is actually not that slick with the ladies, you know what I mean? He’s actually pretty bad with the ladies. You know, Vince is pretty good with the ladies, Johnny’s not so good,” Dillon said.

    Bringing the Drama to Stingaree

    [DGO] Bringing the Drama to Stingaree
    We talk to Kevin "Johnny Drama" Dillon at Stingaree during his birthday bash.
    (Published Saturday, Aug. 22, 2009)

    His fictional character might not be slick with the ladies or as successful as his fictional brother, but Dillon said he loves playing him regardless.

    “He’s so unpredictable and he’s so explosive, anything can happen at anytime and he’s so flawed and I think that’s what I love about him the most is that he’s just absolutely crazy,” Dillon said.

    The New York native is also known for his roles in epic pictures “Platoon”, “The Doors” and the cult classic “The Blob”.