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3/28: Just Dance



    3/28:  Just Dance
    Josh Keppel
    Hearing the music, Hilary Pedigo took to the dance floor after enjoying a "really tasty" meal downstairs at the Moss Room, a fine dinning experience below the aquarium.

    DANCE IT OFF:  Head over to Fusion XI, a hip-hop dance competition that celebrates music through dance and cultural exhibitions!  Event takes place at Rimac Arena at UCSD and begins at 6:00 p.m.  Admission begins at 418, call 714-504-6436 for details.

    SWING THE NIGHT AWAY:  $10,000 is at stake at the swing dance competition finals, so grab a partner and dance the night away at the Viejas DreamCatcher Show Room! Registration begins at 4 p.m, call 619-517-2719 for details.

    MAINLY MOZART:  Add a little class to your Sunday with a visit to the Mainly Mozart Spotlight Series.  Listen to pieces including "String Quartet in F No. 1" by Beethoven.  Event begins at 5:30 p.m and admission is $60. Call 619-239-0100 for details.