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Cutting Edge Rescues

How easily can rescuers get you out of a serious wreck?



    Cutting Edge Rescues
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    "We get inside the car and use pushing equipment to push it back out," Moore explained.  "So we just have to think different ways of doing the same task."
    Firefighters say those double layers of advanced structural steel are the thickness of two dimes. But more than a match for all but the most recent cutting tools.
    Badly injured drivers, facing the Jaws of Death, can only hope those tools are on-scene.
    Or the 'work-arounds’ are fast and effective.
    Even as state of the art cutting tools become more available, with price tags of up to $5,000 apiece, they can be daunting investments for a lot of fire departments.
    Meantime, in the case of OnStar-equipped models that get in major wrecks, first responders will be forewarned that an uber-steel vehicle is involved.
    "And the whole objective there," said George Baker, Manager of Public Policy "is to give them a heads-up, before the dispatch is executed, so that they send the right rigs to the scene.  And the folks that have had the training."