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Star Trek Blasts Off to Success



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    This man swears he doesn't like Star Trek. Sure we say.

    The “Star Trek” movie may have rocketed to success in its first night, but it’s definitely not the final frontier for this film.

    Distributor Paramount Pictures estimates that the flick, which has already made $31 million domestically, will end the weekend with ticket sales at near or more than $70 million.
    San Diegans definitely put a dent in those millions, that’s for sure. The North County Times jumped right in line with some locals – and some intergalactic visitors.
    Klingons and humanoids alike were able to share and enjoy the film, which depicted the characters from the original “Star Trek” in their 20-somethings. Rebecca Hammock told the paper that it was an accessible film to those wary of sci-fi flicks, but that it was true to the original story.
    “It’s got action, it’s got conflict, it’s got comedy, it’s got a little romance,” the 21-year-old told the paper. “I think it will make a lot of money. I’m going again.”
    Her father agreed.
    “This is a rebirth of the Star Trek mystique,” he told the paper. “I think even the old fans will be happy with it.”

    The Friday matinee crowd definitely had a blast. Multitudes of movie-goers cheered with the rolling of the credits and the word “awesome” could be heard many times as people exited the theater.