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Hey, Girls: Here Are 5 Essentials to Surfing



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    Behind every surfer dude, is a surfer dudette -- or if one school has their way, a surf diva.

    The original all-girl surf school, Surf Divas in La Jolla has established itself as the number one surf school for women as of 1996. But since the mid 90’s, co-founders Izzy and Coco Tihanyi have helped it expand to so much more.

    Izzy, “The Surf”, and Coco, “The Diva” are twin sisters who founded this women’s surf school that now offers co-ed lessons to kids and teens, as well as gear, apparel, and paddle boarding.

    For those women who still haven't taken the plunge, the Tihanyi twins believe there are 5 essentials to learning how to surf:

    1. Know how to swim.
    2. Take lessons from a permitted school--you get what you pay for.
    3. Have fun (bring friends!) and don’t expect to be a pro your first day.
    4. Know the safety rules.
    5. Respect the locals and the environment.

    Hang Ten Ladies

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    Drop in for lessons with Surf Divas and learn the latest surfing craze, paddleboarding.
    (Published Monday, July 20, 2009)

    So grab your board and tiara and go surf like a diva! Check out lessons and even bachelorette parties on their website.