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Find Your Inner Sanctuary



    Find Your Inner Sanctuary
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    Don't be stingy with the "me time."

    With so many festivals, charity events and parties this summer, it’s hard to say no to the alluring lifestyle in San Diego.

    According to DiscoverSD, these top ten detox spas are frequent escapades to take a toll on our inner and outer health and beauty. Gift yourself to one of these revitalizing detox treatments to help your body cleanse and renew this summer by discovering one of these top ten spas in San Diego.

    Detox Spa of La Jolla – Located in the heart of La Jolla, the signature detox offered at this spa gives you a three-hour synergistic process that consists of four different steps in a bio-energetic lymphatic drainage treatment including an educational lesson on how to incorporate foods into your diet.

    Renew Integrative Health Center, Pacific Beach – One of the newest wellness centers in the county, this facility specializes in alternative medical remedies and detox programs such as Prolotherapy, a substance injected into painful ligaments that result in the formation of new collagen. This renew program also offers vitamin injection of Vitamin C, B6, B12 and B complex for those looking to boost their immune system of heighten their energy levels.

    Cinnabar Acupuncture Clinic & Spa, 4S Ranch – In their all natural Zen setting, this spa offers treatments such as cupping, gua sha and moxibustun. Sounds technical? Although this spa specializes in acupuncture, it is the perfect way to detox and rejuvenate with the burning of a spongy herb to facilitate healing.

    Barbara De Vito Craniosacral Therapy, Leucadia – Gentle therapy that corrects ailments through natural healing mechanisms awaits you at this spa with therapists of who work to free the restrictions in the natural movement of the fluids within your body.

    Kwan Yin Holistic Center, South Park – Convince yourself of this Cupping service, in which glass cups are warmed and placed over a specific area on the back to create suction. The vacuum drams the skin up to open the skin’s pores to stimulate blood flow, detoxify and balance those energies in your body.

    Zen Sanctuary Massage & Skincare in Kensington – Known for its long list of ancient Chinese massage techniques, this sanctuary specializes in using wax to congestions in your body from ears to toes.

    Beauty Kliniek Wellness Center, La Jolla – Up for a challenge this summer? This Kliniek offers a 21 Day Purification Program helping you to rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul. Included is two nutritional consultations, whole food nutritional supplements are included while for an extra charge, you can include three ionitermie treatments that uses ionized solutions to reduce inches and cleanse internally.

    Relaxation Plus, Little Italy – Located right by the water, the epitome of this spa is in its name. To relax and satisy yourself, this spa offers the Sudatonic Slimming System that begins with an application of essentail oils used to activate the process of exchange and eliminate within the body.

    20/20 Skin in Mira Mesa – Unlike other spas in San Diego, this favorite by many offers tight compression wraps like no other that begins with a internal herbal detoxifying formula, acupressure, and a warming jade pillow treatment. This amazing treatment is also ideal for those wanting to firm up their skin and decrease cellulite and stretch marks.

    Spa for One Sanctuary, Encinitas – Known for its luxuryrious body treatments and facials, this stop for your daily spa treatment includes the Far Infrared Sauna where guests can release toxins, boost their immune systems, and de-stress up to 600-900 calories in a single session.