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Elemental Experience is Staying Classy



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    Jay Nash played to a crowd Saturday.

    The clouds cleared in time for the Elemental Experience to kick off Saturday and it’s expected to be quite a night.

    “We’ve got Matisyahu playing, Pinback - a big local favorite - Mason Jennings, Basenector, Scooter, Dirty Sweet– a big local band here. We’ve got lots of talent,” Stay Classy organizer Pat Walsh said. “We’re expecting about 4,000 or 5,000 people to show up and have a lot of fun.”

    The goal of the event is to tackle a major social issue each year through the group fund raising efforts of the people attending the event.

    “Our goal is to raise $500,000 for homeless kids here in San Diego,” Walsh said.  “We hope to be doing this every year moving forward.”

    RAW VIDEO, Matisyahu Excited to Be in San Diego

    [DGO] RAW VIDEO, Matisyahu Excited to Be in San Diego
    RAW VIDEO, Matisyahu just got into town for the Elemental Experience concert and he is already in Southern California chill mode -- we caught up with him on Friday soaking up the San Diego sun.
    (Published Sunday, May 3, 2009)

    More than 2,000 children sleep on the streets and in parks in San Diego every single night.  Stay Classy is trying to build a shelter for them.

    "It is America's Finest City and people don't really think of there being thousands of homeless and abused kids living out on our streets. This is just a great opportunity to help out where we can," said Chris Mendez-Vanacore, Dirty Sweet drummer.

    Local artists will also get the chance to be part of the event by adding their personal vision of 'Earth, Air, Fire and Water' to the living art mural that will stand 12 feet tall and stretch 50 feet.

    "We were really excited about this concert. It's nice because it's both eco-conscious and raises money for a good cause," Mendez-Vanacore said.