• WhatsApp Oct 22

    Facebook Will Start Charging for WhatsApp Business Services

    Facebook said Thursday it will start charging companies for some its WhatsApp Business chat services.

  • Facebook Dec 11, 2019

    Facebook Rebuffs US AG Over Encrypted Messages

    Facebook is rebuffing efforts by U.S. Attorney General William Barr to give authorities a way to read encrypted messages. The heads of Facebook-owned WhatsApp and Messenger services told Barr and his U.K. and Australian counterparts that Facebook is moving forward with plans to enable end-to-end encryption on all of its messaging services. End-to-end encryption locks up messages so that not...

  • spokesperson Aug 30, 2019

    Google's Report on Massive iPhone Security Flaw Doubles as Dig Against Apple's Privacy Stance

    Google released a compilation of in-depth research on vulnerabilities in Apple’s operating system Thursday night. The research is interesting and comprehensive, but the impact of the flaws on most iPhone users may not be huge. Also, Google is using the compiled research to publicly needle Apple, following Apple’s campaign to differentiates its products on privacy and security. Here are some...

  • Supreme Court Jul 6, 2019

    Spain: Pamplona Kicks Off Running of Bulls Festival

    The blast of a traditional firework on Saturday opened nine days of uninterrupted partying in Pamplona’s famed running of the bulls festival. A member of the northern city’s official brass band was chosen for this year’s launch of the rocket, known as the “Chupinazo,” to mark 100 years since the local ensemble’s foundation. Jesús Garísoain addressed an ecstatic crowd from...

  • Israel May 23, 2019

    India's Ruling Party Claims Win With Assured Lead in Votes

    Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party claimed it had won reelection with a commanding lead in Thursday’s vote count, while the stock market soared in anticipation of another five-year term for the pro-business Hindu nationalist leader. Election Commission data by midafternoon showed the Bharatiya Janata Party leading in contests for 299 out of 542 seats in the lower house of...

  • United States Apr 15, 2019

    Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp Back Up After Massive Outage

    Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp were temporarily down early Sunday. All three social media platforms, including Facebook Messenger, were affected by the outage. Downdetector.com, a site that monitors site outages, shows Facebook had been down since 6:30 a.m. EST in much of the world, with thousands of reported outages concentrated in the northeastern U.S., Europe and the Philippines.

  • Facebook Apr 9, 2019

    Do Your Photos Put Your Privacy at Risk?

    Your digital pictures keep more than just a pretty picture, they can also store information on the time and location of where the picture was taken.

  • NBC Apr 9, 2019

    Online Photos Prompt Privacy Concerns

    Nearly every photo taken with a cell phone or digital camera has data stored within the file, including the date, time, and even an exact location. NBC 7’s Consumer Bob has more on how sharing a photo can be sharing much more than you think.

  • Facebook Mar 9, 2019

    How Facebook Stands to Profit From Its ‘Privacy' Push

    At first glance, Mark Zuckerberg’s new “privacy-focused vision ” for Facebook looks like a transformative mission statement from a CEO under pressure to reverse years of battering over its surveillance practices and privacy failures. But critics say the announcement obscures Facebook’s deeper motivations: To expand lucrative new commercial services, continue monopolizing the attention of users, develop new data sources to...

  • Facebook Mar 4, 2019

    Facebook Won't Let Users Opt Out of a Feature That Lets People Look Up Profiles Using Phone Numbers Provided for Security Reasons

    Facebook asked users to add their phone numbers as an extra security measure, but now users are learning their numbers are being used as a way to look up their profiles and even target them with ads, without the option to opt out. TechCrunch first reported the feature after Jeremy Burge, who runs the site Emojipedia, called it out in...

  • California Nov 20, 2018

    Feds Have Paid Undercover Informants in Migrant Caravan

    The Department of Homeland Security is gathering intelligence from paid undercover informants inside the migrant caravan that is now reaching the California-Mexico border as well as monitoring the text messages of migrants, according to two DHS officials. The 4,000 migrants, mainly from Honduras, have used WhatsApp text message groups as a way to organize and communicate along their journey to...

  • DONALD TRUMP Jun 6, 2018

    Mueller's Team Asks to Inspect Witnesses' Personal Phones

    Special counsel Robert Mueller’s team is requesting that witnesses turn in their personal phones to inspect their encrypted messaging programs and potentially view conversations between associates linked to President Donald Trump, sources told CNBC. Since as early as April, Mueller’s team has been asking witnesses in the Russia probe to turn over phones for agents to examine private conversations on...

  • Facebook May 1, 2018

    WhatsApp Co-Founder Is Leaving the Company Amid Privacy Controversy at Facebook

    The co-founder of WhatsApp — the messaging app that Facebook bought in 2014 — is leaving the company, CNBC reported. Jan Koum said in a Facebook post on Monday that it was time to “move on.” Read More

  • Supreme Court Jan 12, 2018

    First Bull Run of Year in Spain Injures Four

    At least four people were injured but no one was gored as thousands of thrill-seekers tested their agility and courage by racing alongside fighting bulls through the streets of Pamplona on July, 7 2016. The race in the northern Spanish city in the first bull run of the San Fermin festival. Runners dash along with six bulls down a narrow…

  • Facebook Sep 7, 2017

    Here's How WhatsApp Plans To Make Money

    Do you use WhatsApp to talk to your friends? The free instant messaging app is used in 109 countries, or 55.6 percent of the world. But with no advertising in the app and no charge to use it, many people wonder how WhatsApp makes money.

  • NBCUniversal Inc. Sep 7, 2017

    This is How WhatsApp Plans to Make Money

    WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps in the world, but has had a hard time generating revenue. Executives with the company say that is all about to change with a new business model.

  • United States May 18, 2017

    Facebook Fined $122 million by EU for Giving ‘Misleading Information' on Whatsapp Takeover

    Facebook has been fined 110 million euros ($122 million) by European regulators for providing “misleading information” about its acquisition of instant messaging service WhatsApp. The social media giant bought WhatsApp in 2014 for $19 billion. The European Commission, the European Union’s executive arm, said that Facebook told it that there was no possibility to establish “reliable automated matching between Facebook...

  • Facebook Oct 16, 2015

    Twitter Lays Off 336 Employees, 8 Percent of Workforce

    Twitter is laying off 336 employees, signaling CEO Jack Dorsey’s resolve to slash costs while the company struggles to make money. The cutbacks announced Tuesday equate to about 8 percent of Twitter’s workforce of 4,100 people.

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