U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

  • San Diego Dec 4, 2019

    Floods Cause $1 Billion Worth of Damages in West Coast Every Year: UCSD

    Every year, storms from the tropics flood the West Coast, and a new study estimated the weather creates annual damage worth $1 billion.

  • San Diego Feb 15, 2019

    All you Need to Know About Atmospheric Rivers

    NBC 7’s Meteorologist Dagmar Midcap tells you everything you need to know about atmospheric rivers.

  • United States Dec 29, 2017

    Anger Grows as Only Half of Puerto Rico Has Power 3 Months After Maria

    The revelation that more than 660,000 power customers across Puerto Rico still lack electricity more than three months after Hurricane Maria has sparked outrage, surprise and resignation among some islanders who accuse officials of mismanaging their response to the Category 4 storm. It’s the first time the government of the U.S. territory has provided that statistic, which was released as...

  • United States Apr 19, 2018

    Power Restored to Those Hit by Puerto Rico Blackout

    Puerto Rico’s power company said Thursday that it has restored electricity to all customers affected by an island-wide blackout that was caused by an excavator hitting a transmission line, but tens of thousands of families still remain without normal service seven months after hurricanes Maria and Irma. Officials said that power had been restored to more than 1.4 million of...

  • United States Jan 24, 2018

    Gulf Coast Wreck Could Be Last US Slave Ship: Report

    Researchers say remains of a wooden ship found embedded in mud in a river delta in southwestern Alabama may be the Clotilda, the last vessel to bring slaves to the United States nearly 160 years ago. The wreck, which is normally covered by water in the lower Mobile-Tensaw Delta, was recently exposed by unusually low tides and located by a...

  • Governor Jan 11, 2018

    Puerto Rico to Probe Report Power Parts Were Overlooked

    Puerto Rico’s governor is asking the island’s Justice Department to investigate a report that material needed to restore power to the island was overlooked for months in a government-owned warehouse. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers told The Associated Press this week that the lack of some pieces later found stockpiled in the warehouse had delayed energizing certain lines. Authorities...

  • United States Nov 2, 2017

    Officials Disagree on Puerto Rico Power Restoration Timeline

    Officials in the U.S. and Puerto Rico gave differing views Thursday on when power will be fully restored to the U.S. territory after Hurricane Maria hit as a Category 4 storm more than a month ago. Ricardo Ramos, director of the state-owned power company, said the utility has restored 35 percent of the electrical system’s regular output and expects to...

  • Governor Oct 25, 2017

    Hurricane Maria Recovery Highlights Puerto Rico Inequalities

    Hurricane Maria didn’t discriminate between rich and poor when it ravaged Puerto Rico, but the recovery has been another story. Much of Puerto Rico was still without power Wednesday, more than a month after the storm, but wealthier residents are sealed up in air conditioned homes with their generators and bottled water, or have fled the island altogether for extended...

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