• Social Good Oct 19

    Inglewood Nonprofit Uses Tennis to Mentor Children

    40 Love Foundation leverages tennis as a platform to develop skills, education, and mentorship that will impact kids’ lives. “California Live” talks with LeGeorge Mauldin from 40 Love Foundation to learn how the idea started and why tennis has been an effective platform for change. 40 Love is one of 56 organizations being supported by the LA Legacy.

  • Social Good Oct 19

    Pride House LA Is Changing the Narrative for Gay Youth

    “California Live” meets with Disney alumni stars on a mission to support gay youth. Learn about the Pride House LA, their collaborations, and huge successes on social media from Instagram to TikTok. Plus, find out how they are changing the narrative for the LGBTQ+ community.

  • Social Good Oct 12

    Malibu's Big Heart Ranch Gives Orphaned Farm Animals a Home

    Tucked away in Malibu is Big Heart Ranch, a name that delivers on its mission. “California Live” visits the beautiful open ranch full of once-abandoned farm animals. Plus, the ranch gives back by providing animal-assisted healing for underserved families.

  • Social Good Oct 12

    LA Nonprofit Advocates for Safe Walking

    Los Angeles Walks trains and mobilizes Angelenos to advocate for a safe walkable community. “California Live” learns about their mission to keep the streets of LA safe for everyone. Los Angeles Walks is one of 56 organizations being supported by the LA Legacy.

  • Social Good Oct 6

    How LA Nonprofit Keeps Youth off the Streets

    “California Live” meets the Director of Development at Jovones. Jovones was chosen by the Super Bowl Legacy program, which sponsors LA-based nonprofits, for its great work in supporting young people in finding life stability. We hear about how the Boyle Heights organization helps to get “at risk” youth on the right track.

  • Social Good Sep 27

    LA Organization Helps Foster Kids Find Homes

    Behind the scenes of the upcoming Super Bowl LVI is Legacy 56, a group that is supporting LA-based nonprofits. One of their organizations doing great things is the Alliance for Children’s Rights. “California Live” learns how the organization helps kids and young adults, impacted by foster care, thrive with education and adoption support.

  • Social Good Sep 23

    LA-Based Organization Helps Offenders Get a Second Chance

    2nd Call supports the personal development of high-risk individuals, proven offenders, ex-felons, parolees and others who society commonly disregards. “California Live” interviews the Executive Director learn how this grassroots organization is different from other nonprofits. 2nd Call is one of 56 organizations being supported by the LA Legacy.

  • Social Good Sep 16

    LA Nonprofit Is Democratizing Wellness

    We’re gearing up for Super Bowl LVI that will be hosted here in Los Angeles in February. The NFL has partnered with LA county to support 56 LA-based nonprofit organizations. “California Live” talks with the founder of Our Own which empowers Angelenos to live their best life through nutrition, education, and fitness.

  • Social Good Sep 11

    Ruby's Rainbow Grants College Scholarships to Adults With Down Syndrome

    Ruby’s Rainbow organization advocates for adult students with down syndrome to achieve their dreams of higher education. “California Live” has a conversation with vocalist Melinda Lindner and how her new single “Ruby’s Rainbow” will support the Ruby’s Rainbow College Scholarship fund.

  • Social Good Sep 10

    Student-Built Memorial Educates Children on 9/11

    How do we educate our children on 9/11? The students at Sun Valley Magnet school have found a way to illustrate the tragic terrorist attacks that happened 20 years ago. “California Live” takes a tour of the memorial which highlights the twin towers and pentagon and a 15-foot flag with over 3000 handwritten names of those who perished in the towers.

  • Social Good Sep 2

    LA Nonprofit Is Helping Families Flee Afghanistan

    The Super Bowl LVI will be held here in Los Angeles in February as a huge win to our city. What’s more, behind the scenes is an organization called Legacy 56 that is turning the big game into a support system for social good as they fund LA-based nonprofit organizations. “California Live” talks to the founder of Miry’s List which...

  • Malou Nubla Sep 1

    Celebrating Malou's Grandmother

    One of “California Live’s” regular guests, Lourdes Adair, passed at 94-years-old. Malou’s grandmother shared much with the show from her cocktail recipes to high energy. She had 15 children, 33 grandchildren, loved to bowl, and enjoyed a good cosmopolitan. “She was the life of the party of my life,” says Malou.

  • Social Good Jun 17

    What Does Juneteenth Celebrate?

    This Saturday is Juneteenth which recognizes the emancipation of slaves in America. However, many people don’t fully understand the history and significance of the holiday. “California Live” talks to USC Law Professor Jody Armour about the roots of Juneteenth and how it’s celebrated across black communities.

  • Social Good Jun 8

    This Woman Helps Teen Moms Get Degrees

    Nicole Lynn Lewis got pregnant her senior year of high school, around the time she received acceptance letters from colleges. She knows first-hand the struggles of trying to earn a degree while raising a child so she started Generation Hope which provides endless support and resources to teenage parents. “California Live” hears about her new book “Pregnant.”

  • Kim Caldwell-Harvey Jun 7

    Avon Celebrates Cancer Survivors With VIP Treatment

    In honor of celebrating the strength and resolve of cancer survivors, California Live visits the new Avon Studio 1886 in Los Angeles. It’s a first-ever Avon space that offers an immersive and interactive experience including a makeup counter, skincare counter, and even a coffee bar. Watch to see how Avon is giving cancer survivors well-deserved VIP treatment.

  • Social Good Jun 2

    Young Girls in Compton Get Treated Like Royalty

    Compton Kidz Club is an organization that celebrates brilliant young women from Compton. Cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Neda Mehr, is getting involved with the nonprofit by educating the girls on skincare (including giving them facial treatments). “California Live” meets the crew to understand how a little self-care can give big confident boosts.

  • Social Good May 27

    A Safe Haven for Homeless Teens

    At 19 years old Shantel was sleeping on hardwood floors. Fortunately, she discovered the Covenant House which took her in and offered healing resources. Today, Shantel sits on the board of the Covenant House to help other homeless teens. “California Live” hears her story of struggle and strength and how she landed on her feet thanks to organizations like Red...

  • Social Good May 24

    MESH Space Is Every Parents' Savior

    Every working parent understands the impossible feat of being productive at home while also entertaining children. MESH Space merges a coworking space plus play area so adults and kiddos can be productive in harmony. “California Live” meets the married couple and owners of this family life-changing mission and business. Oh, and not to mention, they serve great coffee.

  • Social Good May 3

    This Mother's Day Surprise Will Warm Your Heart

    Shawna is a mother who thinks she is meeting “California Live” for a Mother’s Day interview. Instead, she is about to be surprised with an entirely new curated wardrobe with clothes and jewelry from around the world. Hear how the Giving Closet is helping victims of domestic abuse and Shawna’s personal message on the importance of asking for...

  • Social Good May 3

    ‘Wardrobe Boosts' Help Women in Need

    Going shopping to get that “new look” can help in boosting our self-confidence, but many women can’t afford such a luxury. The Giving Closet donates recycled clothing to mothers who have faced challenges so they can feel good about themselves. “California Live” talks to Sam Russell, Hollywood fashion stylist, who has a surprise in store for a mother in need....

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