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  • Second Amendment Dec 9, 2019

    Accidental Shootings Raise Questions About Arming Teachers

    As the country looks for ways to deal with mass shootings at schools, some have responded by saying more people should carry guns, including teachers. “The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun,” President Donald Trump told the National Rifle Association convention in April. More states are allowing teachers to…

  • gun control Dec 5, 2019

    Roberts Seems to Hold Key to Case Over New York City Gun Law

    Chief Justice John Roberts appeared Monday to be the key vote in whether the Supreme Court considers expanding gun rights or sidesteps its first case on the issue in nearly 10 years. The court’s dismissal of the case would be a disappointment to gun-rights advocates and a huge relief to gun-control groups. Both sides thought a conservative Supreme Court majority...

  • President Nov 10, 2019

    NRA Turmoil Creates Rift Among Some Big Donors

    Joe Olson was once such a passionate supporter of the National Rifle Association that he pledged to bequeath several million dollars from his estate to the gun organization upon his death. But the steady drip of investigations and misspending allegations and a shakeup at the top ranks of the NRA compelled him to alter his will. The NRA will no...

  • NBC Sep 27, 2019

    Senate Democrats Accuse NRA of Promising Access to U.S. Officials in Exchange for Russian Business

    The results of a congressional probe into the National Rifle Association’s ties to Russia paints a picture of NRA officials providing Russian officials access to American elected officials in exchange for lucrative business opportunities, NBC News reports. The investigation, conducted by Senate Finance Committee Democrats who released a report on their findings Friday, found that top officials at the NRA...

  • California Sep 10, 2019

    National Rifle Association Sues San Francisco Over Terrorist Declaration

    The National Rifle Association has sued San Francisco where city officials recently declared the gun-rights lobby a terrorist organization. The NRA says in its lawsuit that the city is infringing on its free speech rights and is seeking to blacklist anyone associated with it.

  • Texas Aug 6, 2019

    Hundreds Hold Vigil at NRA Headquarters for Shooting Victims

    Hundreds of people held vigil outside the National Rifle Association’s headquarters in Virginia for the dozens slain in mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio. Gun control groups including March for Our Lives organized Monday’s “Vigil for Remembrance and Change,” which sought to honor the dead and call for stronger gun laws. The back-to-back weekend shootings cost a...

  • United States Aug 6, 2019

    As Many Call for Tighter Gun Laws, Texas’ Set to Loosen Up

    Ten new pro-gun laws will take effect in Texas in four weeks, less than a month after 22 people died in a mass shooting at a Walmart in El Paso, NBC News reported. Gov. Greg Abbott signed the measures after they were passed in a 2019 legislative session that the National Rifle Association, called “highly successful” at the time, celebrating...

  • CEO Jun 26, 2019

    NRA Splits With PR Firm, Top Lobbyist and NRATV Amid Infighting

    Infighting at the National Rifle Association exploded Wednesday, when the powerful association severed ties with its longtime public relations firm, suspended operations of its fiery online TV station and lost its top lobbyist. The latest turmoil emerged just a year before the critical 2020 presidential elections when the NRA’s ability to influence the outcome could decide the fate of gun...

  • President Jun 20, 2019

    NRA Sues Ex-President Oliver North, Saying He Harmed the NRA

    The National Rifle Association has sued its former president, Oliver North, for what it called “conduct harmful to the NRA” as turmoil that was exposed publicly when North resigned two months ago continued Thursday when the organization also turned against its longtime chief lobbyist. The lawsuit filed Wednesday in New York sought a judge’s declaration that the NRA isn’t required...

  • federal government May 6, 2019

    Cory Booker Proposes National License for All Gun Owners

    Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker is proposing that all gun owners be licensed by the federal government, a process that would include an interview and safety training. National licensing is one of more than a dozen specific proposals in a sweeping gun control agenda the U.S. senator from New Jersey released on Monday. It’s his second policy rollout in three...

  • DONALD TRUMP May 1, 2019

    Fact Check: Trump’s Deceptive Arms Trade Treaty Argument

    In announcing that he will withdraw the United States from the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty, President Donald Trump falsely claimed that under the international agreement, the U.S. would “surrender American sovereignty” and allow “foreign bureaucrats to trample on your Second Amendment freedom.” As a matter of fact, the treaty’s preamble clearly states that it reaffirms “the sovereign right of...

  • American Civil Liberties Union Apr 27, 2019

    Oliver North Out as NRA President After Leadership Dispute

    Oliver North announced Saturday that he would not serve a second term as National Rifle Association president, making it clear he had been forced out by the gun lobby’s leadership after his own failed attempt to remove the NRA’s longtime CEO in a burgeoning divide over the group’s finances and media operations. “Please know I hoped to be with you...

  • Attorney Apr 26, 2019

    Russian Maria Butina Gets 18 Months for Being Kremlin Agent

    In a quivering voice, Maria Butina begged for leniency Friday as she awaited sentencing on charges of being a secret agent for Russia. She cast herself as an innocent caught up in a massive geopolitical power game. But a federal judge sentenced her to 18 months in prison followed by deportation. U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan sided with prosecutors, who...

  • NBC Apr 26, 2019

    Cell Phone Lands on Stage as Trump Approaches Lectern at NRA Event

    An airborne cellphone landed on the stage as President Donald Trump approached the lectern Friday to address the National Rifle Association’s annual meeting, NBC News reported. In a video of the speech in Indianapolis, the phone can be seen apparently hurtling from the crowd toward the stage. It lands to Trump’s left as he arrives at the lectern and the...

  • United States Apr 20, 2019

    Accused Foreign Agent Asks for No Additional Prison Time After Sentencing

    Maria Butina, the American University graduate student and gun rights activist who was accused by federal prosecutors of working as a covert and unregistered foreign agent for Russia, is asking for a time served sentence after her legal team says she has learned her lesson and served over nine months in three different detention centers.

  • Canada Apr 14, 2019

    NRA Has History of Promoting Gun Rights Outside US

    The recent revelation that National Rifle Association representatives had met with Australian politicians to discuss talking points after a mass shooting generated outrage from various politicians. The reality is that the NRA has been exerting its influence on gun debates outside the U.S. for a number of years, exporting its firebrand rhetoric and belief that more guns will lead to...

  • San Diego Apr 6, 2019

    Judge Again Halts High-Capacity Magazine Sales In California

    A federal judge on Friday halted sales of high-capacity ammunition magazines in California, giving state officials a chance to appeal his order last week that allowed their sale for the first time in nearly 20 years.

  • DONALD TRUMP Dec 18, 2018

    Trump’s School Safety Panel Seeks to Revoke Discipline Rules Meant to Curb Racial Disparities

    The Trump administration on Tuesday moved to roll back an Obama-era policy that was meant to curb racial disparities in school discipline but that critics say left schools afraid to take action against potentially dangerous students. The recommendation was among dozens issued in a new report by President Donald Trump’s federal school safety commission, which was formed in response to...

  • President Dec 13, 2018

    Maria Butina, Accused of Being Russian Agent, Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy

    Russian operative Maria Butina, who is accused of infiltrating politically powerful U.S. organizations, including the National Rifle Association, in an effort to push Moscow’s agenda, pleaded guilty Thursday to a conspiracy count. Butina has agreed to cooperate with federal prosecutors and pleaded guilty in a Washington, D.C., courtroom to one count of conspiracy to violate the law governing foreign agents...

  • President Dec 10, 2018

    In Possible Plea Deal, Accused Russian Agent Case ‘Resolved’

    A woman accused of being a secret agent for the Russian government has likely taken a plea deal, prosecutors indicated Monday in a court filing that said her case has been “resolved.”...
    The information was included in a filing in the case against Maria Butina. Federal prosecutors and Butina’s lawyer filed a joint motion asking to change her plea. A hearing...

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