• storm Jan 13

    Recovery Begins After Storms Kill 11 in Midwest, South

    Icy roads, deadly tornadoes, punishing waves — severe weekend weather has been blamed for 11 deaths and major damage in parts of the Midwest, South and Northeast.

  • DONALD TRUMP Nov 4, 2019

    1 Year Out: A Divided Nation Lurches Toward 2020 Election

    One year from Sunday, voters will decide whether to grant President Donald Trump a second term in office, an election that will be a referendum on Trump’s vision for America’s culture and role in the world. Much is unknown about how the United States and its politics will look on Nov. 3, 2020. Who will Trump’s opponent be? How will...

  • New York Oct 23, 2019

    Amtrak Offers Half-Off Sale Across the US for November Travel

    If you’ve wanted to travel by train, now’s a good time to buy your tickets. Amtrak is offering 50% off fares as part of a two-day sale this Tuesday and Wednesday. Travel dates run from

  • CEO Sep 21, 2019

    GM Electric Car Push Could Mean Fewer and Lower Paying Jobs

    If U.S. consumers ever ditch fuel burners for electric vehicles, then the United Auto Workers union is in trouble. Gone would be thousands of jobs at engine and transmission plants across the industrial Midwest, replaced by smaller workforces at squeaky-clean mostly automated factories that mix up chemicals to make batteries. The union is keenly aware of this possibility as it...

  • CEO Jul 31, 2019

    Impossible Foods, Others, Use Partners to Expand

    After months of shortages, Impossible Foods is partnering with a veteran food production company to ramp up supplies of its popular plant-based burgers. The Redwood City, Calif.-based startup is partnering with OSI Group, an original supplier to McDonald’s and one of the world’s largest food producers. OSI, based in Aurora, Ill., will immediately begin production of the Impossible Burger at...

  • United States Jul 21, 2019

    Hot Weather Is Intensifying Hold on Much of East, Central US

    Americans from Texas to Maine sweated out a steamy Saturday as a heat wave canceled events from festivals to horse races and pushed New York City to order steps to avoid straining the electrical system. The National Weather Service said “a dangerous heat wave” sent temperatures into the 90s, with high humidity that made it feel considerably hotter. It was...

  • United States Jul 18, 2019

    How Do I Know If I'm Dehydrated? The Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

    It’s hot outside — and it’s about to get a lot hotter for millions of Americans this weekend. The National Weather Service has issued excessive heat watches, warnings and advisories in the Plains, Midwest and parts of the East Coast. More heat alerts are expected later this week, as temperatures in cities like Chicago, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. could reach...

  • Chicago Jul 18, 2019

    US Heat Wave Just Warming Up for Long and Scorching Weekend

    The heat wave that has been roasting much of the U.S. in recent days is just getting warmed up, with temperatures expected to soar to dangerous levels through the weekend.

  • New Jersey Jun 24, 2019

    States' Push to Legalize Sports Betting Differs by Region

    In the year since the U.S. Supreme Court cleared the way for every state to legalize sports betting, a regional divide has opened as states decide whether to expand their gambling options. By year’s end, legalization is possible in a dozen states in the Northeast and Midwest. But most states in the Deep South and far West — SEC and...

  • Illinois Jun 17, 2019

    Rain Leaves Midwest Veggie Farmers Struggling With No Aid in Sight

    Like farmers throughout the Midwest, this spring’s torrential rains turned Andrew Dunham’s land into sticky muck that set him back nearly a month in planting his crops.

  • DONALD TRUMP Jun 10, 2019

    Warren Challenges Sanders for Progressives' Support

    Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are vying to become the progressive alternative to former Vice President Joe Biden, a competition that’s especially pivotal in the Midwest. The region is critical to Democratic hopes of regaining the White House in 2020, and Sanders’ campaign wrote in an April memo that he’s “by far the best positioned candidate to win” in...

  • NBC NEWS May 29, 2019

    String of Deadly Tornadoes Strikes Midwest

    “Frankly, back in the neighborhood, there are places that look like a warzone,” said Celina, Ohio Mayor Jeff Hazel.

  • United States May 27, 2019

    Tornadoes Rake 2 Oklahoma Cities, Killing 2 and Injuring 29

    A tornado leveled a motel and tore through a mobile home park near Oklahoma City overnight, killing two people and injuring at least 29 others before a second twister raked a suburb of Tulsa more than 100 miles away, authorities said Sunday. The first tornado touched down in El Reno, about 25 miles west of Oklahoma City, late Saturday night....

  • driver May 22, 2019

    ‘Perfect Storm': Ticks Flourish, Lyme Cases Spike As Temperatures Rise

    Ticks and the diseases they carry are on the move, rapidly expanding into new territories once considered inhospitable. While many factors are to blame, the U.S. government affirmed with “high confidence” in a report that one reason is warmer weather connected to climate change. In the last decade, the number of cases of Lyme disease in the U.S. have tripled,...

  • DONALD TRUMP May 19, 2019

    Trump's ‘Great Patriot' Farmers Follow Him Into a Trade War

    Iowa farmer Tim Bardole survived years of low crop prices and rising costs by cutting back on fertilizer and herbicides and fixing broken-down equipment rather than buying new. When President Donald Trump’s trade war with China made a miserable situation worse, Bardole used up any equity his operation had and started investing in hogs in hopes they’ll do better than...

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation Apr 5, 2019

    Timmothy Pitzen Case: What We Know So Far

    News that a missing Aurora boy may have been found more than seven years after he disappeared at the age of 6 sent shockwaves throughout the country.

  • DONALD TRUMP Apr 2, 2019

    Disaster Aid Stalls in Senate Amid Fight Over Puerto Rico

    Senate Democrats on Monday blocked a Republican disaster aid bill, saying it doesn’t do enough to help hurricane-torn Puerto Rico. The move tossed long-sought relief for victims of hurricanes, floods and western wildfires into limbo. The vote escalated a fight between Democrats and President Donald Trump, who opposes further rebuilding aid for the U.S. island territory, which was slammed by...

  • Associated Press Mar 21, 2019

    US Forecasts ‘Potentially Historic' Flooding in South This Spring

    The stage is set for unprecedented major flooding this spring for most of the nation, U.S. weather officials said Thursday. More than 200 million Americans are at risk for some kind of flooding, with 13 million of them at risk of major inundation, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said in its spring weather outlook . About 41 million people...

  • Minnesota Mar 18, 2019

    More Evacuations in Midwest as Floodwaters Head Downstream

    Residents in parts of southwestern Iowa were forced out of their homes Sunday as a torrent of Missouri River water flowed over and through levees. Heavy rainfall and snowmelt have led to dangerously high water in creeks and rivers across several Midwestern states, with the Missouri River hitting record-high levels in many areas. At least two deaths were blamed on...

  • Minnesota Feb 1, 2019

    Long Johns to Short Sleeves: Rapid Thaw to Follow Polar Blast

    In Illinois, temperatures could rise by 80 degrees within days. In Michigan, melting snow and rain and a 17-mile ice jam on the Muskegon River could lead to flooding. And across the Midwest, the warmer forecast was sure to bring more broken roads and busted water mains....
    The polar vortex that brought many cities to a standstill was expected to come...

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