• San Diego Nov 30, 2019

    Luna Grill Feeds Hunger for Growth With New Equity Investment

    Luna Grill Restaurants LLC, the San Diego-based company that operates 38 fast-casual Mediterranean restaurants in two U.S. states, announced Sept. 18 that New York-based private equity fund PWP Growth Equity had purchased a minority stake in the company.

  • San Diego Nov 30, 2019

    Eater San Diego: Little Italy's Bracero Gets New Name & Concept

    Bracero, a restaurant in Little Italy that created major buzz during its short run, is no more. Eater San Diego shares details on what will replace it, plus other top stories of the week from our local food and drink scene.

  • San Diego Nov 30, 2019

    San Diego Restaurant Group Stays Hands On

    Although Raymond Davoudi, founder of GBOD Hospitality Group, grew up in the food service business, he learned the hard way that familiarity doesn’t necessarily breed success.

  • San Diego Nov 26, 2019

    Homegrown, Beloved Restaurants Heading to Sycuan Casino

    Sycuan Casino in El Cajon has been undergoing a $226 million expansion project of its 12-story hotel and resort. Sycuan recently announced the property would also feature a host of new restaurants, including homegrown favorites like Hodad’s, Phil’s BBQ and Lucha Libre Gourmet Taco Shop.

  • DONALD TRUMP Nov 25, 2019

    US Citizen Jailed in Lebanon as Country Deals With Crisis

    In September, Amer Fakhoury closed his New Hampshire restaurant to take his first vacation in years to visit family in his native Lebanon — a country he hadn’t been to for nearly two decades. He hasn’t returned to the United States. Soon after his arrival in Lebanon, the 57-year-old American citizen was detained by authorities and remains jailed there. Doctors...

  • Mexico Nov 24, 2019

    Tougher US Asylum Policy Follows in Europe's Footsteps

    Nkeze wasn’t home when Cameroonian militants came knocking, probably to deliver their signature ultimatum to join their separatist movement or have his writing arm cut off. The 24-year-old economics student escaped to Douala, the country’s largest city, only to learn that the government wanted to arrest him for participating in a university protest. He then flew to Ecuador and traveled...

  • Professor Nov 23, 2019

    ‘A Serious-Minded Kid:' Pete Buttigieg Aimed High Early

    Would Peter Buttigieg — the smartest kid in class, language whiz and devotee of John F. Kennedy — use his unusual last name in his eventual run for president of the United States? Or would he have a better shot of winning the voters of the future if he went by Montgomery, his middle name?

  • San Diego Nov 12, 2019

    The USS Midway Thanks Men and Women for Their Service

    The USS Midway Museum in San Diego celebrates Veterans Day with free admission to their “Salute to Service” event. The event is held on the USS Midway ship which is 20 stories high and is almost three football fields long. See it on California Live Monday, Nov. 11, 2019.

  • food Nov 5, 2019

    What You Eat Can Make You Happier, Studies Suggest

    Years of research have demonstrated that a healthy diet can help cut the risks of illnesses including diabetes and some cancers. Now a growing number of studies suggest that food choices may have an effect on our emotions.

  • San Diego Sep 23, 2019

    Natural History Museum Volunteers Host Free, Guided Hikes Around San Diego County

    A group of dedicated volunteers with the San Diego Natural History Museum will lead dozens of hikes across our county’s varied terrain as part of a long-running program meant to get locals to connect with nature.

  • Middle East Sep 21, 2019

    Rare Protests in Egypt Call for President El-Sissi to Step Down

    Rare anti-government protests broke out in Egypt Friday calling on President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi to step down. The former army general has overseen an unprecedented political crackdown, silencing critics and jailing thousands. El-Sissi came to power with the military’s ouster of an elected but divisive Islamist president in 2013, amid mass protests against his one-year-rule. In the capital, Cairo, dozens of...

  • NBC Sep 18, 2019

    TheNat's ‘Canyoneers' Host Free Hikes Across San Diego County

    A look at The San Diego Natural History Museum’s long-running Canyoneers hiking program, which offers free, volunteer-led hikes across the county. NBC 7 speaks with Canyoneers president Stacey Vielma about the program, and why it’s so important. This season, the Canyoneers will offer 80 hikes between September 2019 and June 2020.

  • Beverly Hills Sep 17, 2019

    A Mediterranean Estate in Beverly Hills

    We’re exploring the results of a massive renovation of a modern mediterranean estate in Beverly Hills with architect Elissa Scrafano. She expanded the home for her clients to create a bright, comfortable family home.

  • coach Sep 6, 2019

    ‘London Literary Pub' Tour Brings Writers and Writing Home

    A bartender asks Gavin Smith whether he fancies a citrus pale ale or Kolsch-style lager at the Newman Arms — a London pub dating back to 1730. The 47-year-old Liphook, England, resident makes his choice, then walks to a spot where writer George Orwell reportedly drank his favorite ales. Orwell based the “Proles” pub in his dystopian novel, “1984,” after...

  • spokesman Aug 27, 2019

    UN Says 40 Migrants Feared Drowned in Capsizing Off Libya

    A boat carrying dozens of migrants bound for Europe capsized Tuesday in the Mediterranean Sea off Libya, with at least 40 people missing and presumed drowned, U.N. officials said, as a support group reported it had gotten a call from someone on the vessel “crying and shouting” that passengers had died already. At least 65 migrants, mostly from Sudan, were...

  • United States Aug 19, 2019

    Iranian Tanker Sought by US Heading Toward Greece

    An Iranian supertanker with $130 million worth of light crude oil that the U.S. suspects is tied to a sanctioned organization left Gibraltar and was heading east into the Mediterranean Sea on Monday, with its next destination reported to be Greece. The Iran-flagged Adrian Darya 1, previously named Grace 1, set course for Kalamata, Greece, with an estimated arrival on...

  • California Aug 19, 2019

    Eater San Diego: Downtown's Theatre Box Unveils New Rooftop Lounge

    Eater San Diego shares the top stories of the week from San Diego’s food and drink scene, including a rooftop addition to a luxury movie theatre in the heart of downtown.

  • China Aug 14, 2019

    Spas Are Seeing More Men, a Less-Is-More Approach for Guests

    Spa visits and the money they generate reached record highs last year in the U.S. with $18.3 billion in revenue driven by 190 million pampering trips, according to the International Spa Association. The leading industry group for spa professionals recently held its 25th annual event for media to show off trends and services among its 2,300 members. Garrett Mersberger, the...

  • China Aug 9, 2019

    Richard Gere Visits Migrants Stuck in the Mediterranean

    Carrying boxes of fruit, Richard Gere visited rescued migrants Friday on a humanitarian ship that has been struck in the Mediterranean Sea for over a week, landing smack in the middle of a debate over immigration that European nations have not been able to resolve. The American film star took food and supplies by boat to 121 people aboard the...

  • California Aug 9, 2019

    Eater San Diego: Ambitious Restaurant Announced for East Village

    Eater San Diego shares the top stories of the week from San Diego’s food and drink scene, including details on one of the most highly-anticipated new dining projects heading to our city next year.

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