• loki Jun 8

    The Mischief and Mayhem in Marvel Studio's Spinoff ‘Loki'

    What happens when the God of Mischief has a lot of extra time to play with? Fans find out when “Loki” steps out of his brother’s shadow and into his own spinoff. Perfectly played by Tom Hiddleston, “Loki” has long been a favorite character of Marvel fans. Now Marvel Studios has found a way to extend his MCU storyline...

  • loki Jun 8

    Tom Hiddleston on the Many Sides of ‘Loki' in His New Marvel Series

    Tom Hiddleston sat down with NBC entertainment reporter Heather Brooker to talk about his new series “Loki” on Disney+. He says fans can expect to see their beloved villain “out of his comfort zone” and into a lot of mischief. “Loki” premieres June 9 on Disney+.

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