• Capitol Riot Jul 25, 2021

    Pelosi Appoints 2nd GOP Critic of Trump to Jan. 6 Committee

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has named a second Republican critic of Donald Trump, Rep. Adam Kinzinger, to a special committee investigating the Capitol riot

  • China Nov 14, 2019

    2 Dead, 3 Injured in a School Shooting in Russia

    A student killed a fellow student and wounded three more in a shooting Thursday at a college in Russia before taking his own life, police said. Russia’s state Investigative Committee said the 19-year-old shooter brought a hunting rifle to class in Blagoveshchensk near the border with China and opened fire on students, killing one and severely injuring three more. It...

  • Russia Oct 25, 2019

    Video Shows Bear Attacking Trainer at Russian Circus Show

    Officials have opened a criminal investigation after a circus bear attacked and injured its trainer during a performance in northern Russia. Video of the Thursday attack in Olonets, a town 180 kilometers (110 miles) northeast of St. Petersburg, shows the bear pushing a wheelbarrow while walking on its hind legs, then attacking the trainer, biting him and forcing him to...

  • Russia Mar 26, 2018

    Russian Shopping Mall Fire Kills 64; No Alarms Reported

    With the fire alarms silent and staff reportedly nowhere to be seen, a fire at a shopping mall packed with children and their parents on the first weekend of the school recess killed 64 people in Russia’s Siberia. The fire at the Winter Cherry mall in Kemerovo, a city about 3,000 kilometers (1,900 miles) east of Moscow, was extinguished by...

  • social media Mar 16, 2018

    Russian Plane Spills 3 Tons of Gold on Runway After Hatch Glitch

    Russian news reports say the hatch of a cargo plane carrying precious metals accidentally flew open upon takeoff — scattering at least 3 tons of gold on the runway. An investigation is underway after the incident Thursday at the airport in the far east city of Yakutsk, according to the Tass news agency. An An-12 plane operated by the airline...

  • Russia Apr 5, 2017

    7 Arrested for Terrorism in Wake of St. Petersburg Bombing

    As the residents of Russia’s second-largest city try to regain their nerve in the wake of a fatal subway bombing, officials announced Wednesday that six people have been arrested on suspicion of recruiting terrorists. Wednesday’s statement from the Investigative Committee gave few details, but said those arrested came from Central Asian countries that once were part of the Soviet Union....

  • Russia Apr 5, 2017

    Investigators Search Suspected Russian Suicide Bomber's Home

    Investigators say they have searched the home of the suspected suicide bomber behind Monday’s deadly explosion on the St. Petersburg subway. The bomb went off on a train under Russia’s second-largest city on Monday, killing 14 people and injuring dozens. Investigators said they suspect a 22-year old Kyrgyz-born Russian citizen, Akbardzhon Dzhalilov, of having detonated the bomb.

  • President Apr 5, 2017

    Russian Police Hunt Possible Accomplices of Suicide Bomber

    Investigators searched for possible accomplices of a 22-year-old native of the Central Asian country of Kyrgyzstan identified as the suicide bomber in the St. Petersburg subway, as residents came to grips Tuesday with the first major terrorist attack in Russia’s second-largest city since the Soviet collapse. The bomber, Akbarzhon Dzhalilov, had lived in St. Petersburg for several years, working as...

  • head Feb 29, 2016

    Russian Police Arrest Woman Seen Waving Child's Head

    Russian police on Monday arrested a woman who was seen waving the severed head of a small child outside a Moscow subway station. She is suspected of killing the child when it was in her care, officials said....
    Videos posted on Russian news websites show a woman dressed all in black, holding the severed head and shouting “I am a terrorist”...

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