• AB 5 Aug 11, 2020

    Judge Grants Preliminary Injunction Against Uber, Lyft, Regarding AB 5

    In a ruling stemming from a lawsuit brought the city attorneys of San Diego and two other cities and the state, a federal judge Monday granted a preliminary injunction against ride-hailing companies Uber and Lyft, requiring them to classify their drivers as employees rather than independent contractors in accordance with a new state law.

  • gig workers May 23, 2020

    California to Decide if Labor Law Applies to App Drivers

    A ballot initiative backed by business giants Uber, Lyft and DoorDash is now set to go before California voters in November, a multimillion-dollar shot aimed at excluding the companies from a law that would make them give more benefits and wage protections to their drivers. California approved the labor law last year, the strictest in the country around when employers…

  • independent contractors Dec 29, 2019

    California Law Will Force Small Businesses to Rethink Staffing

    A California law that makes it harder for companies to treat workers as independent contractors takes effect next week, forcing small businesses in and outside the state to rethink their staffing. The law puts tough restrictions on who can be independent contractors or freelancers rather than employees. Supporters say it addresses inequities created by the growth of the gig economy,…

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