• health & fitness Apr 30

    Shed the Quarantine 15 Fast

    Our friend Dr. Ian Smith talks to “California Live” about his new book “Fast Burn, The Power of Negative Energy Balance.” He takes us through his 9-week program that includes affordable accessible food options. “The beauty of the plan is that it really is easy to do,” he says. Learn how Smith’s program hacks the body’s energy balance so it...

  • health & fitness Mar 18

    Move Your Indoor HIIT Workout to the Beach With DMN8

    Between zoom calls and meetings, let’s be real, it’s been hard to get into shape this past year. But spring is upon us and there is a beautiful spot on Santa Monica beach where you can take fun HIIT, yoga, and sculpt classes with DMN8. CA Live’s Melissa Magee meets the founder and takes the class herself to discover...

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