• foodie Mar 2

    Discover Peruvian Tacos in DTLA

    Get a taste of Peru in a familiar LA street food: the taco. Laila sits down with the executive chef and co-owner of Little Llama Peruvian Tacos, Jean Valcarcel, to taco ‘bout signature Peruvian spices and sample some of the most popular tacos, burritos, tostadas, and agua frescas on his menu.

  • foodie Feb 26

    Fall Apple Cider Braised Chicken Recipe

    Fall is here and you can taste all the best flavors of the season in this comforting one-pan recipe. Chef Jamie Gwen shows Amber how to make this delectable weeknight dinner that’s rich with fall apple flavor and sure to warm you up. Watch and get the recipe.
    Chef Jamie Gwen is a paid spokesperson for Ralphs.

  • foodie Feb 26

    A Moscow Mule with a Splash of Fall

    There’s nothing like a refreshing Moscow Mule, and @ChefJamieGwen’s twist on this traditional cocktail is sure to be your new fall favorite. Watch as she shows Amber how to shake up a delicious Apple Cider Moscow Mule that’s still bright with the ginger flavor we all know and love....
    Chef Jamie Gwen is a paid spokesperson for...

  • food for kids Feb 26

    How to Make a Kid-Friendly Calzone

    With fall approaching, a warm calzone—essentially a double-crusted pizza—is a total crowd pleaser. Chef Jamie Gwen shares a calzone recipe, made with an air fryer, that kids will love and, let’s face it, you’ll eat too.
    Chef Jamie Gwen is a paid spokesperson for Ralphs.

  • foodie Feb 26

    Get Healthy – Seasonal Produce Guide

    Before summer’s over, check out the best of fruits and veggies available! Amber Pfister gets some tips from Chef Jamie Gwen.
    Chef Jamie Gwen is a paid spokesperson for Ralphs.

  • foodie Feb 26

    Try This Delicious Dessert Dip

    Do you love cannoli but hate the calories? Chef Jamie Gwen shows Amber Pfister how to make a cheesy cannoli dip without the guilt.
    Chef Jamie Gwen is a paid spokesperson for Ralphs.

  • foodie Feb 25

    Plant-Based Nachos & Chili for Super Bowl Sunday

    Super Bowl Sunday is a free pass to pig out and eat whatever the heart desires, but not all of it has to be bad for you. In fact, Chef Katie Lee has teamed up with Gardein to create vegetarian-friendly versions of game day favorites, perfect for those of us trying to incorporate more plant-based foods into our diets this...

  • foodie Feb 25

    Chef Curtis Stone Dishes Up New Recipe & Tips to Update Your Kitchen

    Michelin-starred chef Curtis Stone is one good-looking Aussie with serious cooking chops. Jess picks his brain on “chefing” while he whips up a cauliflower and broccoli white cheddar pasta bake that’s perfect for Super Bowl Sunday or really any occasion. Plus, get his recommendations for good quality cooking equipment, tips on how to utilize your kitchen space more efficiently, and...

  • foodie Feb 24

    Have Lunch in Your Own Private Greenhouse

    Safety is still the number one priority as we dine out at restaurants again. So, Kim’s taking us out to lunch at a place that built tiny, private greenhouses around its dining tables so guests can safely enjoy a nice secluded meal. Lady Byrd Café was originally slated to have its grand opening the week of lockdown but has adapted...

  • Black History Month Feb 23

    ‘A Little Piece of Jamaica in San Diego': Check Out This Grant Hill Restaurant

    Tucked away in Grant Hill just off the 94 freeway is Rock Steady Real Jamaican Restaurant, a neighborhood gem that gives San Diego a decadent taste of the Caribbean.

  • food Feb 23

    Grant Hill Restaurant Offers Caribbean Flair in San Diego

    NBC 7 photojournalist Rayan Graham introduces us to an authentic Jamaican restaurant in Grant Hill.

  • foodie Feb 22

    Eclectic Wines & Tapas at WetStone Wine Bar

    All the amazing family-owned bars and restaurants in San Diego make it one of our favorite places to hit up happy hour! Dani’s chilling with a nice glass of Greek Vidiano at WetStone Wine Bar, located in the historic neighborhood of Bankers Hill in San Diego. If you’re up for a culinary adventure, their rotating menu features eclectic wine selections...

  • foodie Feb 4

    Boyle Heights Pizzeria Serves Up Chicano Pride

    Mole pizza and Flaming Hot Cheetos wings? We’re sold! Amber’s found a pizzeria with Chicano pride located in one of LA’s most vibrant and historic neighborhoods. At Brooklyn Ave Pizza Co., Boyle Heights native Chef Mario Christerna is passionate about bringing all his favorite childhood flavors to his menu. If you have no idea what you’re eating for Super Bowl...

  • foodie Feb 2

    Don't Pass on the Bread, Use Kamut Flour Instead

    To bread or not to bread, that is the question. Fitness experts will tell you to avoid carbs at all costs. But cookbook author Lizi Heaps (a.k.a. the “Food Nanny”) is here to settle the great bread debate with her banana blueberry muffins made with her magical Kamut flour, which is easier to digest and better for you than white...

  • foodie Jan 30

    Learn to Make Chef Daniele Uditi's Signature Pizza at Home

    Going out to eat at a restaurant is one of the few pleasures in life we’ll never take for granted again. But if you’re not entirely sold on the idea quite yet, Lisa Breckenridge’s found a way you can go out for dinner without leaving the safety of your home. Joining her in her backyard is Chef Daniele Uditi from...

  • foodie Jan 11

    This Cake's Main Ingredient Is Right in Your Backyard

    A cake that takes almost an entire week to make? We must be nuts! But not as nutty as this nutritious acorn cake, made by modern day foragers using ingredients you can find in your own backyard. Is this labor of love worth the wait? Find out what Ross had to say.

  • foodie Dec 18, 2020

    Truffle 101 with the Truffle Shuffle Team

    The Truffle Shuffle team is back to give us a little introductory course on truffles. Find out what parts of the world black and white truffles come from, how they’re harvested, and some of the best hot dishes to enjoy them in. With many of us cooking at home more, you can sign up for live cooking experiences and virtual...

  • foodie Dec 14, 2020

    Taste the World at This Fancy Food Court

    This is not your typical food court. The Hall, Global Eatery at South Coast Plaza is a culinary playground of foods and flavors from ‘Top Chef’ Alum Amar Santana and his business partner Ahmed Labbate. From Mediterranean food and poke to freshly baked goods and cocktails, you can have it all. Join Amber and Chef Jamie Gwen as they sample...

  • foodie Dec 4, 2020

    This Chocolate Chip Cookie Uses Premium Wagyu

    Friday just got much sweeter —it’s National Cookie Day! Sure, there’s nothing like a good old fashioned chocolate chip cookie. But have you ever heard of a Wagyu Chocolate Chip Cookie? Malou heads to Gozu in San Francisco to learn how to make their signature cookie with Wagyu tallow and dark TCHO chocolate. Bonus: they’re not as pricey as the...

  • foodie Dec 2, 2020

    Go From Shopping to Eating at This Quaint Restaurant

    If shopping and eating are also two of your favorite pastimes, then Amber’s got just the spot for you. She meets up with Chef Oz Blackallar at De Nada Kitchen & Market to shop for cute kitchen supplies and then indulge in his international dishes with Mexican flavors—like Chilaquiles Pizza—all in one place.

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