• DONALD TRUMP Nov 9, 2019

    Trump Soaks in Deep South Cheers at College Football Matchup

    President Donald Trump knew where to go Saturday for home field advantage, finding comfort in the Deep South with college football fans cheering the nation’s top two teams — and him. His reception at the showdown between Louisiana State and Alabama contrasted with the scene at Game 5 of the World Series in Washington, where he was booed, and the...

  • DONALD TRUMP Sep 14, 2019

    Don’t Vote? The Trump Campaign Would Like a Word With You

    Ashley Arentz is a political unicorn. The 28-year-old Marine from Jacksonville, North Carolina, didn’t vote in 2016, and she wasn’t even registered to vote in the state. But there she was on Monday, standing in line for hours in the 90-degree heat waiting to enter President Donald Trump’s rally in Fayetteville. That made her a golden target for the volunteers...

  • NBC Jul 28, 2019

    Arkansas Mom Buys 1,500 Pairs of Shoes in Closing Payless for Kids in Need

    Carrie Jernigan of Alma, Arkansas, took her daughter to a Payless going-out-of-business sale to get her a new pair of shoes. She ended up leaving with every pair in the store, NBC News reports. At Payless, Jernigan’s 4th-grade daughter, Harper, saw a pair she wanted to buy for her friend, whose shoes she had noticed were too small. “I know...

  • DONALD TRUMP Jul 18, 2019

    Crowd at Trump Rally Chants ‘Send Her Back’

    After President Donald Trump singled out U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar at a Wednesday rally, the crowd chanted “send her back!” It echoed the “lock her up” chant aimed at Hillary Clinton that was heard at Trump rallies in 2016.

  • DONALD TRUMP Jul 17, 2019

    Trump Slams Congresswomen; Crowd Roars, ‘Send Her Back!’

    Going after four Democratic congresswomen one by one, a combative President Donald Trump turned his campaign rally in North Carolina Wednesday into an extended dissection of the liberal views of the women of color, deriding them for what he painted as extreme positions and suggesting they just get out. As Trump essentially doubled down on his tweets about the congresswomen...

  • DONALD TRUMP Sep 20, 2018

    Worn Out by Florence, Carolinas Could Get More Record Flooding

    Hurricane Florence is still wearing out the Carolinas, where residents have endured an agonizing week of violent winds, torrential rain, widespread flooding, power outages and death. Frustration and sheer exhaustion are building as thousands of people wait to go home seven days after the storm began battering the coast. Roads to Wilmington, which has been cut off sporadically by Florence,...

  • DONALD TRUMP Sep 19, 2018

    Trump Tours Florence-Hit Areas: ‘America Grieves for You’

    Eager to show heart in a moment of crisis, President Donald Trump handed out hot dogs, hugs and comforting words in the Carolinas on Wednesday as he surveyed the wreckage left by Hurricane Florence. With residents still recovering from torrential rains that left widespread destruction and injury, Trump sought to strike a balance between comforter and cheerleader, mindful that he...

  • DONALD TRUMP Sep 19, 2018

    Trump Offers Full Support for Florence Victims: ‘Nothing Will Be Left Undone’

    While visiting the areas battered by Hurricane Florence in North Carolina, President Donald Trump vowed to provide the area with all the resources they need for a full recovery.

  • food Sep 18, 2018

    Michael Jordan Donates $2M for Hurricane Florence Relief in North Carolina

    Michael Jordan grew up playing high school basketball in Wilmington, North Carolina. So when the former NBA star watched the destruction caused by Hurricane Florence to his hometown and surrounding area, he acted quickly to help. The six-time NBA champion and Charlotte Hornets owner donated $2 million on Tuesday to assist residents of the Carolinas — $1 million each to...

  • Mayor Sep 18, 2018

    In Carolinas, a Question as the Rivers Rise: Stay or Go?

    The river seethed a quarter-mile away, bulging from its banks, so the patrol cars circled the neighborhood three times. “Get out now,” a voice boomed from a bullhorn. “This is an emergency.” Waheeda Reese and her 14-year-old daughter, Anissa, were inside watching news reports about drowned towns all over the state and rain that hadn’t yet stopped. “All that water...

  • DONALD TRUMP Aug 16, 2018

    ‘We Are Not the Enemy’: Hundreds of US Newsrooms Condemn Trump’s Attacks on ‘Fake News’

    Newspapers from Maine to Hawaii pushed back against President Donald Trump’s attacks on “fake news” Thursday with a coordinated series of editorials speaking up for a free and vigorous press. The Boston Globe, which set the campaign in motion by urging the unified voice, had estimated that some 350 newspapers would participate. They did across the breadth of the country....

  • California Sep 14, 2017

    1 Soldier Killed, 7 Injured in Fort Bragg Training Exercise

    A training exercise involving demolitions killed one special operations soldier and injured seven others at the Army’s largest base Thursday, just a day after 15 Marines were hurt in a fire while training in California. The soldiers were taken to several hospitals, including the Womack Army Medical Center on base for treatment, said Lt. Col. Rob Bockholt, a spokesman for...

  • georgia Jul 24, 2017

    White-Bearded Texan Wins Hemingway Look-Alike Contest to Cap Weekend Honoring Author in Key West

    The 71-year-old winner piloted a replica of Hemingway’s fishing boat Pilar from Miami to Key West before competing and said he shares the author’s fondness for fishing, hunting and boating.

  • teacher Feb 21, 2017

    New Britain District Teams With Sandy Hook Mom to Teach Empathy

    A Connecticut school district has teamed up with the mother of a Sandy Hook school shooting victim to help teach elementary school children about empathy.

  • JUDGE Dec 15, 2016

    Courtroom Applauds as Trump Protester Hugs Man Punched at Rally

    A man accused of hitting a protester at a Donald Trump rally in North Carolina has received a 30-day suspended sentence and 12 months of unsupervised probation. John Franklin McGraw apologized for his actions, and Judge Tal Baggett told him to talk to Rakeem Jones, the man he hit. The two men spoke, shook hands and hugged, and people in...

  • JUDGE Dec 15, 2016

    Trump Supporter, Protester Hug in Court

    A man accused of hitting a protester at a Donald Trump rally in North Carolina in March pleaded no contest. John Franklin McGraw got a 30-day suspended sentence and a fine. He was accused of hitting Rakeem Jones. The two hugged and spoke in court.

  • DONALD TRUMP Dec 6, 2016

    Peace Through Strength: Trump Vows to Reinforce Military

    Donald Trump was back on the road Tuesday for the second leg of his post-election thank-you tour, stopping in North Carolina for a rally in Fayetteville. The president-elect officially announced he will nominate retired Marine Gen. James Mattis to be defense secretary, bringing “Mad Dog” Mattis onstage. Mattis will require a congressional waiver to accept the post since he has...

  • Facebook Sep 21, 2016

    North Carolina Teacher Suspended For Stomping US Flag

    A North Carolina high school teacher says he has been placed on leave after students say he stepped on an American flag as part of a history lesson. The Fayetteville Observer reports Massey Hill Classical High School teacher Lee Francis said he was informed of his status by the Cumberland County Schools human resources department. Francis said he’s scheduled to...

  • social media Mar 17, 2016

    Teen Sexting Prompts Efforts to Update Child-Porn Laws

    Rampant teen sexting has left politicians and law enforcement authorities around the country struggling to find some kind of legal middle ground between prosecuting students for child porn and letting them off the hook....
    Most states consider sexually explicit images of minors to be child pornography, meaning even teenagers who share nude selfies among themselves can, in theory at least, be...

  • NBC Mar 14, 2016

    Sheriff: No Charges for Trump’s Conduct at NC Rally

    A North Carolina sheriff’s department mulled Monday whether to bring charges over Donald Trump’s conduct at a rally in which a 78-year-old man was arrested for assault, but ultimately decided not to, NBC News reported. North Carolina law makes inciting a riot a crime, and the Cumberland County Sheriff Department said Monday it was investigating “whether there was conduct on...

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