• San Diego Dec 3, 2019

    Read: Rep. Duncan Hunter's Plea Deal for Campaign Fund Misuse

    California Rep. Duncan Hunter pleaded guilty Tuesday to one count of conspiracy to misuse campaign funds and could face up to five years in prison when he is sentenced in March.

  • Duncan Hunter Dec 3, 2019

    ‘I've Made Mistakes': Rep. Hunter Pleads Guilty

    Rep. Duncan Hunter speaks to media after pleading guilty in his corruption case.

  • Duncan Hunter Dec 4, 2019

    US Rep. Duncan Hunter Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy Charge

    California Rep. Duncan Hunter pleaded guilty Tuesday to one count of conspiracy to misuse campaign funds and could face up to five years in prison when he is sentenced in March.

  • San Diego Dec 3, 2019

    US Rep. Hunter to Plead Guilty to Corruption Charge

    A former US Attorney told NBC 7’s Dave Summers its likely Hunter will be incarcerated.

  • San Diego Dec 3, 2019

    US Rep. Hunter to Plead Guilty to Corruption Charge, Leave Seat

    California Rep. Duncan Hunter said he plans to plead guilty to misusing campaign funds and is prepared to go to jail. It’s a stunning turn of events for the six-term Republican who had steadfastly denied wrongdoing and claimed he was the victim of a political witch hunt by federal prosecutors. Hunter had pleaded not guilty, but in an interview that...

  • Mexico Nov 24, 2019

    Tougher US Asylum Policy Follows in Europe's Footsteps

    Nkeze wasn’t home when Cameroonian militants came knocking, probably to deliver their signature ultimatum to join their separatist movement or have his writing arm cut off. The 24-year-old economics student escaped to Douala, the country’s largest city, only to learn that the government wanted to arrest him for participating in a university protest. He then flew to Ecuador and traveled...

  • Attorney Oct 25, 2019

    Tally of Children Split at Border Tops 5,400 in New Count

    U.S. immigration authorities separated more than 1,500 children from their parents at the Mexico border early in the Trump administration, the American Civil Liberties Union said Thursday, bringing the total number of children separated since July 2017 to more than 5,400. The ACLU said the administration told its attorneys that 1,556 children were separated from July 1, 2017, to June...

  • Mexico Oct 19, 2019

    Asylum-Seeking Mexicans Are More Prominent at US Border

    Lizbeth Garcia tended to her 3-year-old son outside a tent pitched on a sidewalk, their temporary home while they wait for their number to be called to claim asylum in the United States. The 33-year-old fled Mexico’s western state of Michoacán a few weeks ago with her husband and five children — ages 3 to 12 — when her husband,...

  • California Sep 29, 2019

    Judge Blocks Extension of Fast-Track Deportations Nationwide

    A federal judge has blocked the Trump administration’s move to vastly extend authority of immigration officers to deport people without allowing them to appear before judges, the third legal setback for its immigration agenda in one day. The policy, which was announced in July but hasn’t yet been enforced, would allow fast-track deportations to apply to anyone in the country...

  • Department of State Sep 26, 2019

    American Asylum Pact With Honduras Seals ‘Northern Triangle'

    The Trump administration signed a deal Wednesday with a third Central American country that would effectively seal off the region, preventing asylum-seekers traveling through from entering the United States. The latest agreement, signed on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly, paves the way to send asylum-seekers to Honduras, one of the world’s most violent countries, like its neighbors. A...

  • San Diego Sep 11, 2019

    Tent Courts Set to Open on Border for US Asylum Seekers

    The Trump administration is ready to open a tent court on the border to help handle tens of thousands of cases of asylum seekers forced to wait in Mexico, with hearings held entirely by videoconference. The court, or “soft-sided” facility as U.S. officials call it, is scheduled to begin operations Monday in Laredo, Texas. Another is expected to open soon...

  • DONALD TRUMP Aug 10, 2019

    Interactive Border Wall Mural Tells Stories Of Deported

    Lizbeth De La Cruz Santana returned Friday to the Mexican beach where her father entered the U.S. illegally before she was born, this time to put final touches on a mural of adults who came to the U.S. illegally as young children and were deported. Visitors who hold up their phones to the painted faces are taken to a website...

  • JUDGE Aug 10, 2019

    Documents: Plant Owners ‘Willfully' Used Ineligible Workers

    Six of seven Mississippi chicken processing plants raided Wednesday were “willfully and unlawfully” employing people who lacked authorization to work in the United States, including workers wearing electronic monitoring bracelets at work for previous immigration violations, according to unsealed court documents. Federal investigators behind the biggest immigration raid in a decade relied on confidential informants inside the plants in addition...

  • San Diego Aug 9, 2019

    Number of Migrants Waiting at US Border Surges to 50,000

    The Cameroonian men who share 10 mattresses on the floor of a third-floor apartment above a barber shop walk every morning to the busiest U.S. border crossing with Mexico, hoping against all odds that it will be their lucky day to claim asylum in the United States.

  • JUDGE Aug 1, 2019

    Advocates: ‘Horrible Deja Vu' in Continued Family Separation

    In the first couple of months after a federal judge ordered the Trump administration last year to stop separating most parents and children at the U.S.-Mexico border, the number of children sent to New York fell. Then, advocates say, the children started coming again in a steady stream, many too young to understand their circumstances or how to find their...

  • DONALD TRUMP Jul 23, 2019

    Trump Expands Fast-Track Deportation Authority Across US

    The Trump administration announced Monday that it will vastly extend the authority of immigration officers to deport migrants without allowing them to appear before judges, its second major policy shift on immigration in eight days. Starting Tuesday, fast-track deportations can apply to anyone in the country illegally for less than two years. Previously, those deportations were largely limited to people...

  • Mexico Jul 18, 2019

    Asylum Ban May Further Strain Immigrant Detention Facilities

    A new policy to deny asylum to anyone who shows up on the Mexican border after traveling through another country threatens to exacerbate overcrowding at severely strained U.S. immigration detention centers and makeshift holding areas. Photos and video of Vice President Mike Pence’s visit Friday to McAllen, Texas, showing men crammed behind chain-link fences offered the latest glimpse into squalid...

  • Associated Press Jul 17, 2019

    Trump's New Asylum Rules Go Into Effect, and Opponents Sue

    Hundreds of immigrants showed up at border crossings Tuesday in hopes of getting into the U.S. but faced the likelihood of being turned away under a new Trump administration asylum rule that upends long-standing protections for people fleeing violence and oppression in their homelands. The policy went into effect Tuesday but drew two swift lawsuits from immigrant advocacy groups in...

  • DONALD TRUMP Jul 16, 2019

    Making an Immigration Arrest Requires Hours of Surveillance

    Two immigration officers had been parked outside a home well before dawn when their target — a Mexican man convicted of driving under the influence in 2015 — appeared to emerge as the sun illuminated a gray sky. “I’m going to do a vehicle stop,” an officer radioed. “I’m right behind you,” said another, lights flashing as they ordered the...

  • driver Jul 9, 2019

    Activists Worry About Potential Abuse of Face Scans for ICE

    Civil rights activists complained Monday of the potential for widespread abuse following confirmation that at least three states have scanned millions of driver’s license photos on behalf of Immigration and Customs Enforcement without the drivers’ knowledge or consent. Public records obtained by the Georgetown Law Center on Privacy and Technology provided the first proof that ICE had sought such scans,...

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