• dog training Apr 5

    The Dos and Don'ts of Dog Training

    If anyone can train a wild dog it’s Jas Leverette from the Netflix show “Canine Intervention.” Malou goes to check out his training grounds at Cali K9 to learn the dos and don’ts of dog training. “It’s not about bad dogs,” says Leverette. “it’s about uninformed owners.” Learn how the key to being a good dog trainer is holding yourself...

  • dog training Oct 21, 2020

    Quarantined Dog Won't Stop Barking? Call Bark Busters

    One clear silver lining of the pandemic is the uptick in animal adoptions. That said, a lot of new animal owners are dealing with anxious quarantined dogs, barking for hours. Watch how Bark Busters, a company offering a much needed service, can train your dog to communicate without the “yips” and “woofs.”

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