• DONALD TRUMP Mar 26, 2019

    Bump Stock Ban is Days Away. What Will Owners Do?

    With the ban on bump stocks just a few days away, owners of the devices are trying to figure out what to do: Destroy it.

  • CEO Oct 11, 2018

    Apple Plans to Give Away Original Content for Free to Device Owners as Part of New Digital TV Strategy

    Seven years ago, Walter Isaacson wrote that Apple founder Steve Jobs told him he’d “cracked” the code on bringing television into the digital age. Seven years later, the world is still waiting. But Apple’s not giving up, even if it isn’t revolutionizing the industry.

  • DONALD TRUMP Apr 18, 2018

    Bump Stock Maker Shutting Down Business

    The largest Texas-based manufacturer of bump stocks, which allow semi-automatic weapons to fire rapidly like automatic firearms, announced Wednesday that it will stop taking orders and shut down its website next month. The announcement comes about a month after President Donald Trump said his administration would “ban” bump stocks, which he said “turn legal weapons into illegal machines.”

  • San Diego Jan 24, 2018

    School District Meets to Address IT Technician Shortage

    IT technicians working with the San Diego Unified School District are pleading for the board to increase their staff, saying there aren’t enough of them to keep up with all the devices on campuses.

  • Jan 24, 2018

    School District Meets to Address IT Technician Shortage

    While recent legislation has paved the way for more technology in the classroom, IT technicians with the San Diego Unified School District are struggling to keep up. NBC 7’s education reporter Rory Devine has more.

  • Eric Hinton Jan 4, 2018

    Play Golden Globes Bingo!

    The winner is determined when one or several of the players complete the winning pattern. The winning pattern can be a line, either vertical, horizontal or diagonal, or a full house (when all the squares are to be covered). Simple choose the winning combination that best suits your party.

  • Facebook Oct 11, 2017

    Gun-Control Group Sues ‘Bump Stock' Makers, Sellers

    One of the nation’s leading gun-control groups has filed a lawsuit against the makers and sellers of “bump stocks,” the devices used by the gunman in what is now the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history. The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence filed the lawsuit on behalf of victims of the Oct. 1 shooting in Las Vegas. The...

  • NBC May 27, 2017

    Limiting Your Kids' Screen Time Starts With You

    NBC 7’s Consumer Bob and Consumer Reports share different tactics that can help decrease you child’s time staring at a TV, phone or device screen.

  • United States Oct 14, 2016

    Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Phones Are Banned From Planes in US

    Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones are being banned from all air transportation in the United States effective Saturday at noon ET, the U.S. Department of Transportation announced Friday. The phones, which are prone to overheat and catch fire, are no longer allowed on planes that travel to, from or within the U.S., even in carry-on or checked baggage, according to...

  • United States Oct 14, 2016

    Samsung Note 7 Recall to Cost at Least $5.3 Billion

    Samsung Electronics said Friday that discontinuing the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone, which is prone to overheat and catch fire, will cost it about $3 billion in the current and coming quarters, raising total costs from the recalls to at least $5.3 billion. The Note 7 discontinuation will cost in the mid-2 trillion won range during the October-December period and another...

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