• Defense Department Apr 16

    Pentagon: $10B Cloud Contract That Snubbed Amazon Was Legal

    A government watchdog agency says the Defense Department’s decision-making process in awarding a major cloud computing contract to Microsoft was in line with legal and government purchasing standards

  • Afghanistan Dec 10, 2019

    US Misled Public on Progress in Afghanistan War: Report

    The Washington Post reports that three White House administrations have misled the public about failures in the Afghanistan war, often suggesting success where it didn’t exist. Thousands of pages of documents obtained by The Post reveal deep frustrations about America’s conduct of the Afghanistan war, including the ever-changing U.S. strategy. The documents quote officials close to the 18-year war effort...

  • DONALD TRUMP Oct 25, 2019

    Pentagon Told Witness Not to Testify in Impeachment Inquiry

    A Defense Department official who testified in the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump did so in defiance of the Pentagon, which told her not to cooperate. A letter to Laura Cooper’s attorney obtained by The Associated Press on Thursday cites an administration-wide policy against participating in the impeachment probe.

  • head Jul 30, 2019

    Pentagon Nominee Gen. John Hyten Denies Sexual Misconduct Allegations

    The Air Force general nominated to be the nation’s number two military officer flatly denied allegations of sexual misconduct Tuesday, and appeared headed for confirmation after answering pointed questions from senators for more than two hours. With his wife of 32 years sitting behind him and his accuser looking on from a short distance away, Air Force Gen. John Hyten...

  • Arizona Jul 30, 2019

    Pentagon Nominee Gen. John Hyten Denies Sexual Misconduct Allegations

    Air Force Gen. John Hyten testified that sexual assault accusation against him were false during an appearance in front of the Senate Armed Services Committee.  Sen. Martha McSally, R-Ariz, who revealed this year that she was raped while in the military, said she believed Hyten was innocent. Hyten’s accuser, his former aide, Army Col. Kathryn Spletstoser, attended the hearing and...

  • DONALD TRUMP May 15, 2019

    Border Wall to Go Up in National Monument, Wildlife Refuge

    The U.S. government plans on replacing barriers through 100 miles of the southern border in California and Arizona, including through a national monument and a wildlife refuge, according to documents and environmental advocates. The Department of Homeland Security on Tuesday again waived environmental and dozens of other laws to build more barriers along the U.S.-Mexico border. Funding will come from...

  • United States Apr 12, 2019

    Medical Association Blasts Military's Transgender Policy

    A new Trump administration regulation set to go into effect Friday directs military secretaries to kick out transgender service members who refuse to serve in their birth sex after being “given an opportunity to correct those deficiencies.” The American Medical Association told The Associated Press on Thursday the policy and its wording mischaracterizes transgender people as having a “deficiency” and...

  • NBC Jan 12, 2019

    Historia de superación de un joven hispano

    Tras perder una pierna en un accidente de transito un joven hispano decidió buscarle el lado positivo a su historia y hoy ayuda a personas que sufren casos como el suyo.

  • California Jun 26, 2018

    Migrant Detainees To Be Housed at 2 Bases in Texas: Associated Press

    The Trump administration has chosen an Army base and an Air Force base, both in Texas, to house detained migrants swept up in the federal government’s crackdown on illegal immigration, several defense officials said Monday.

  • United States May 1, 2018

    Pentagon: Claims of Retaliation for Complaints on Rise

    More U.S. service members said they faced retribution for filing sexual assault or harassment complaints last year than in 2016, according to an annual Pentagon report, as the Defense Department saw a growing number of sexual misconduct cases. According to the report released Monday, there were 146 reports of retaliation last year, compared to 84 in 2016, and the number...

  • DONALD TRUMP Mar 19, 2018

    Pentagon Restricts Release of Afghanistan War Data

    The Pentagon has ordered an independent federal auditor to stop providing the public with key information about U.S. war efforts in Afghanistan, accelerating a clampdown on data, such as the size of the Afghan military and police forces, that indicate how the 16-year-old stalemated war is going. The crackdown on information comes just months after President Donald Trump announced a...

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation Dec 27, 2017

    NYC Sues Department of Defense to Fix ‘Broken' System of Reporting Service Members Disqualified from Buying, Owning Guns

    The city of New York, along with Philadelphia and San Francisco, is suing the Department of Defense, seeking to fix its “broken” system for reporting service members who are disqualified from buying and owning guns. The Department of Defense is supposed to report to the FBI the names of service members convicted of crimes or dishonorably discharged from legally buying...

  • NBC Apr 20, 2017

    Victims Identified From Military Helicopter Crash

    Authorities have released the names of the man who was killed and two more who were hurt when their military helicopter crashed onto a Maryland golf course earlier this week.

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