• Deals & Steals 10 hours ago

    Get 20% Off Professional Tooth Whitening System

    Developed by the famous Dr. Smile, dentist to the superstars, the Supersmile is a mouth whitening system that effectively works for all types of teeth—from ultra-sensitive to veneers. Watch and get 20% off.

    Sponsored by America’s Deals & Steals and Supersmile.

  • Deals & Steals Apr 8

    Stop Losing Your Phone Already, Try This

    “Where’s my phone?!” is something many of us ask multiple times a day. Shopping expert Genevieve Gorder shows us an innovative purse that stores your phone in a way where you never have to take it out. The Touch Screen Purse, as seen on ‘Shark Tank,’ has a smart touch cover that operates just as well as if you...

  • Deals & Steals Apr 7

    This Weighted Blanket Sends You Into Deep Relaxation

    Weighted blankets have been shown to help with stress, anxiety, and insomnia. When you put on a weighted blanket after a long day it elicits the feeling of being hugged sending you into an instant relaxation. Our shopping expert Genevieve Gorder spotlights the BlanQuil. Get 41% off today on adeals.com.

    Sponsored by America’s Deals & Steals and BlanQuil.

  • Deals & Steals Apr 6

    A Bean Bag That Supports Mental Health

    When it comes to managing stress and anxiety, one of the best things we can do is make lifestyle changes—including creating a relaxed home environment. Our shopping expert, Genevieve Gorder, tries out Moon Pod—a zero-gravity bean bag that offers a flotation therapy experience. Watch and visit...adeals.com...to get 20% off....
    Sponsored by America’s Deals & Steals and Moon...

  • Deals & Steals Apr 5

    Be the First to Know of the Best Deals

    Meet the interior designer who will get you the best couch, rug, and many more goodies that you thought you could never afford. As part of “California Live’s” franchise “Deals & Steals,” shopping expert Genevieve Gorder talks to us about how she can fill any void in your home for a good price.

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