• Culture Nov 4

    Is This the Healthiest Place to Work?

    With the rise in remote work opportunities over this past year, more people are turning to coworking spaces as a place to work. “California Live” tours the launch of Second Home in Hollywood—one of the most innovative co-working spaces tucked away in a lush jungle setting. Find out why Second Home is considered one of the “healthiest” places to work...

  • Culture Nov 3

    DIY Diwali Decor

    DIY expert, Anika Gandhi, educates “California Live” on the Indian Holiday, Diwali—a major and exciting festival celebrated by several religions across the world. Plus, get a look at how to DIY your own home décor to participate in the exciting five-day festival of lights.

  • Culture Oct 19

    Meet the Makers Behind Award-Winning Filipino Film

    “California Live” is celebrating Filipino American History Month with the makers of the award-winning film “Lumpia With a Vengeance” (including a large lumpia spread from the Lumpia Company). Learn about the film, how they came up with the title, and why the Filipino representation is so important to our communities.

  • San Diego Sep 29

    San Diego Seeking Applicants for Arts and Culture Activity Funding

    San Diego released guidelines Tuesday for two funding opportunities to support arts and culture activities, programming and projects taking place between July 1, 2022 and June 30, 2023.

  • San Diego Museum of Art Apr 22, 2020

    San Diego Museum of Art's Annual Art Alive Event Goes Virtual

    A springtime tradition in San Diego’s culture and arts scene is going virtual: Art Alive – the San Diego Museum of Art’s long-running event – plans to bloom online this weekend.

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