• DONALD TRUMP Sep 12, 2019

    Ex-FBI Deputy Director McCabe Faces Prospect of Criminal Charges

    Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, a frequent target of President Donald Trump’s wrath, faces the prospect of an indictment after his attorneys were unable to persuade senior Justice Department officials not to pursue charges that he lied to internal investigators. Two people familiar with the matter said Thursday that Deputy Attorney General Jeff Rosen declined an appeal from McCabe’s...

  • DONALD TRUMP Sep 4, 2019

    Ginsburg: Work on Court ‘Saved Me' During Cancer Treatment

    Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said Tuesday night that her work on the bench saved her during her cancer treatments, as the judge was given a rock-star reception in the home state of the president who nominated her to the nation’s highest court. Ginsburg told a packed arena that she was “feeling very good tonight,” following the 86-year-old’s disclosure...

  • DONALD TRUMP Jul 28, 2019

    Fact Check: Mueller's Words Twisted by Trump and More

    President Donald Trump listened to Robert Mueller testify to Congress this past week, then misrepresented what the former special counsel said. Some partisans on both sides did much the same, whether to defend or condemn the president. Trump seized on Mueller’s testimony to claim anew that he was exonerated by the Russia investigation, which the president wasn’t. He capped the...

  • DONALD TRUMP May 10, 2019

    Fact Check: Trump Repeats 17 False or Misleading Claims in 17 Hours

    Over the course of 17 hours, President Donald Trump repeated 17 false and misleading claims that we have written about since he became president. Trump began with an evening rally in Panama City Beach, Florida, on May 8, that lasted more than an hour, and followed it up a day later with an impromptu afternoon press conference at the White House.

  • director Feb 15, 2019

    McCabe Talks Protecting FBI's Russia Probes, Comey Firing

    Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe said in an interview that aired Thursday he moved quickly after his boss was fired to protect an investigation into President Donald Trump’s ties to Russia and prevent it from being shut down in case he, too, was dismissed. Concerned when Trump fired FBI Director James Comey not long after taking office, McCabe also...

  • DONALD TRUMP Feb 8, 2019

    Globe-Trotting Political Donor Eyed in Trump Inaugural Probe

    Federal prosecutors have cast a wide net in their investigation of President Donald Trump’s inaugural committee, subpoenaing a smorgasbord of documents, including any addressing whether foreign nationals helped fund the $107 million celebration thrown to celebrate the Republican’s ascent to the White House. But in their records request Monday, federal prosecutors in New York also singled out a donor by...

  • DONALD TRUMP Jan 17, 2019

    2020 Democrats Face a Choice: Fight Trump or Ignore Him?

    Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s simple response to a question about dealing with the president’s bullying — “I can’t stop Donald Trump from doing what he’s going to do” — demonstrates the challenge Warren, who has launched a presidential exploratory committee, and dozens of other White House hopefuls will face as the Democratic primary gets underway. They must decide how — and whether —...

  • DONALD TRUMP Dec 21, 2018

    Trump Foundation Agrees to Shut Down Amid Accusations of ‘Shocking' Illegality

    The New York Attorney General’s Office has secured a stipulation that will dissolve the Trump Foundation under court supervision, a spokeswoman said.

  • DONALD TRUMP Nov 21, 2018

    Trump Wanted to Prosecute Comey, Hillary Clinton: Report

    President Donald Trump told his counsel’s office last spring that he wanted to prosecute political adversaries Hillary Clinton and former FBI Director James Comey, an idea that prompted White House lawyers to prepare a memo warning of consequences ranging up to possible impeachment, The New York Times reported Tuesday. Then-counsel Don McGahn told the president he had no authority to...

  • JUDGE Oct 3, 2018

    Chelsea Clinton Fights Cyberbullying by Answering Trolls

    Chelsea Clinton says she’s naturally an optimist and despite enduring name-calling from the time she was a child, she chooses to answer insults — even on Twitter — with kindness and respect. “Cyberbullying is a huge challenge across our country. I think we need those of us with platforms to not ignore the trolls, not to become consumed by them,...

  • DONALD TRUMP Sep 18, 2018

    Former FBI Official Andrew McCabe Has Book Deal

    Just months after the publication of James Comey’s “A Higher Loyalty,” another former FBI official will take on President Donald Trump. Andrew McCabe, the former FBI deputy director ousted this year amid repeated attacks from Trump and a critical Justice Department report, has a book deal. St. Martin’s Press announced Tuesday that “The Threat: How the FBI Protects America in...

  • DONALD TRUMP Aug 31, 2018

    Trump Foundation Lawyer Asks Judge to Dismiss Lawsuit

    Lawyers for President Donald Trump asked a judge Thursday to dismiss a lawsuit brought against his charitable foundation by New York’s attorney general, arguing that it was politically motivated. In the motion, Trump attorney Alan S. Futerfas argued that former New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman “made it his stated mission to ‘lead the resistance’ and attack Mr. Trump whenever...

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation Jun 13, 2018

    McCabe Lawyer Claims Government Is Withholding Documents Related to Firing

    A lawyer for former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe sued the Justice Department’s inspector general and the FBI late Tuesday, claiming they are withholding documents related to McCabe’s firing in March, NBC News reported. David Snyder said he has repeatedly tried to get copies of the rules and policies cited by Justice Department officials in recommending that Attorney General Jeff...

  • DONALD TRUMP May 21, 2018

    Watchdog Report to Fault FBI for Clinton Probe Delay

    An upcoming report from the Justice Department’s internal watchdog is expected to criticize senior FBI leaders for not moving quickly enough to review a trove of Hillary Clinton emails discovered late in the 2016 campaign, according to people familiar with findings. The FBI’s timing has been a sore point for Clinton supporters, who say then-director James Comey’s announcement of the...

  • DONALD TRUMP Apr 27, 2018

    Fired FBI Deputy Chief Andrew McCabe Faces Criminal Referral

    The Justice Department’s inspector general has sent a criminal referral about fired FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe to federal prosecutors in Washington, his lawyer said Thursday. The referral to the U.S. attorney’s office for the District of Columbia does not mean McCabe will ever be charged, but it does raise the prospect that the longtime law enforcement official could face...

  • DONALD TRUMP Apr 9, 2018

    Sessions Fires Former FBI Deputy Director McCabe; Trump Lauds Move as ‘Great Day'

    After former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe was fired by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, in a move that President Donald Trump lauded as a “good day” but McCabe slammed as part of the administration’s “war on the FBI,” it was revealed that McCabe kept memos on his interactions with the president and handed the notes over to the special counsel....

  • Attorney Mar 30, 2018

    Sessions: No New Special Counsel Yet for Republican Concerns

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Thursday he won’t immediately appoint a new special counsel to investigate a number of Republican grievances involving the FBI and Justice Department, despite mounting pressure from members of his own party. Sessions, in a letter to three Republican committee leaders, reiterated that he had directed a senior federal prosecutor, Utah’s U.S. attorney John W. Huber,...

  • Associated Press Mar 19, 2018

    Trump Takes Aim at McCabe and Muller on Twitter

    Over the weekend, President Donald Trump tweeted his displeasure with special counsel Robert Mueller and the Russia investigation.

  • NBC Jan 5, 2018

    FBI Investigating Clinton Foundation ‘For Months': Official

    A Trump administration official said that a revived investigation of the Clinton Foundation “has been going on for months,” contrary to a Friday report of a new inquiry, NBC News reported. The Hill had reported that the Justice Department “has launched a new inquiry” into the foundation and that FBI agents from Little Rock, Arkansas, recently conducted an interview with...

  • DONALD TRUMP Dec 8, 2017

    Trump, Trump Jr. Got Emails Offering Docs After WikiLeaks Made Them Public

    An email that was sent to then-candidate Donald Trump and his son Donald Trump Jr. in Sept. 2016 pointed them to hacked WikiLeaks documents that had already been made public, according to a copy of the email provided to NBC News by Trump Jr.’s lawyer. The email, first reported by CNN, offered a decryption key and a website address to...

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